Hiddentec are designers and manufacturers of specialist GSM/RF GPS tracking equipment.

Plextek specialise in helping organisations around the world achieve secure communication and electronic design solutions. We have developed a portfolio of case studies that highlight our wide range of expertise in the areas of Government & Public Safety, Critical Communications, Location Tracking, Safe Cities, Unmanned Systems & Automation, Transport and Critical National Infrastructure. Our clients are spread across the United Kingdom, Europe, United Emirates, APAC and North America.

The vulnerability of crowded places to terrorist attack has never been more apparent.

Eagle Automation

Eagle Automation is at the forefront of technical innovation for high security gates, bollards and street furniture that have been meticulously designed, manufactured and installed to provide the highest levels of protection possible against terrorist threats.

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) community across the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force attends over 2,500 suspect devices, WWII bombs, and terrorist situations in the UK each year.

Hiddentec are designers and manufacturers of specialist GSM/RF GPS tracking equipment.

Vigilance. If there is one concept that lies at the core of every aspect of public security today, it is the need for constant alertness.

Evolve Dynamics is a UAV / drone design and build innovator based in Guildford, UK.

It only takes one attack to damage an organisation. Physical perimeter security measures are often the first line of defence against a malicious attack because it protects infrastructure, people and assets and ensures business continuity.

Hugslock Systems Ltd is a safety and security service provider offering industry leading incident prevention and response management for critical infrastructure. Hugslock Systems is based at Dorset Innovation Park, an advanced engineering cluster of excellence for the South West, building on strengths in marine, defence and energy.

Ansell has been a leading global provider of personal protection solutions for over 100 years and every day helps keep millions of people around the world safe.

The ability of the latest developments in deep learning and neural networks to detect suspicious behaviour looks set to revolutionise law enforcement.

KNect365 Learning provide online learning from the industry insider. Partnering with universities such as University of St Andrews and Liverpool John Moores University, we deliver specialised career-enhancing programmes taught by leading practitioners.

Remtech was established in 1980 and then renamed in 1992 Remtech (Computer Security) Ltd. Our core business is the supply and installation of a modular construction system called ModuSec.

The most secure rugged mobile computing for blue light, defence and security