Bristorm Hill & Smith

Bristorm Hill & Smith are experienced in the design and manufacture of hostile vehicle mitigation solutions ideal for deterring vehicle borne attacks on perimeters, borders, commercial applications and critical national infrastructure, all across the world.

The attack began with just a few loud pops. Smoke rose near a trash can. Injured travelers yell and others start running.

Cyber attacks have become an established threat to global security.


Today, cyber-security has become a priority for all businesses, having in mind all the recent and frequent cybercrime attacks.

UK’s security staff and emergency services personnel need greater awareness of the terrorist threat.

Counter terrorism programs have been developed and designed to specifically prevent or stop foreign and domestic acts of terrorism aimed to create havoc or the loss of life to innocent civilians.


Leading UK-based systems integrator and technology developer Primetech provides a unique range of proven, secure and resilient security and counter terror communications and storage systems to support police and counter terror forces.

De La Rue

At De La Rue, we provide governments and commercial organisations with the products and services that enable countries to trade, companies to sell, economies to grow and people to move securely around an ever-more connected world.


At a time when threats of terrorism and criminal activity have become more imminent than ever, organisations around the world have been forced to take a deeper look at their site security.


Law enforcement faces a myriad of challenges from violent extremism and crime with many agencies lacking the resources or expertise to up-skill their staff to match the requirement.

This renowned online professional development course delivers the critical theory and knowledge to assist individuals and organisations meet the challenges of the evolving terrorist threat.


Street furniture is considered an essential element in any landscape in the creation of safer, useable and more attractive spaces.

At least once in our life time, we all have had a quick puzzled look at the computer screen, when going through the security check at the airport, and wondered about the complexity of the image that was showing on the screen.

Assa Abloy

Steve Wintle, Head of Professional End User Division, Abloy UK discusses the role of access control in securing organisations and CNI against terror attacks, and explains the best product solutions to combat any threats posed.


Páramo is a trusted name in police, tactical and law enforcement duty outerwear optimising professionals’ comfort, safety and operation effectiveness.


Supplier Profiles


Ian Jones, former Chief Inspector and Head of North Wales & Cheshire Alliance Policing has spoken about why they chose Reveal body cameras for their Firearms units.

Soliton Systems