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Deputy assistant commissioner Neil Basu has been appointed as the new senior national coordinator for counter terrorism policing.

Gilles de Kerchove, EU Counter-Terrorism Co-ordinator, has said that IS will likely seek to ‘reassert itself’ by encouraging existing cells or individuals to carry out attacks.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced that UK Armed Forces are set to provide training to Tunisian forces to help them fight the threat posed by ISIL.

A study by the World Bank has found that recruits to Islamic militant groups are likely to be well educated and from a relatively wealthy background.

The US will suspend talks with Russia over Syria, accusing Moscow of having ‘failed to live up’ to its commitments under a ceasefire deal.

The Conservative conference has heard how the government will unveil a legal measure it says will protect UK troops from ‘vexatious’ legal claims.

It has been reported by news agency AFP that France has begun air strikes against so-called Islamic State in Iraq from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

According to Jean-Michel Prêtre, the the city of Nice’s prosecutor, several serious terror attacks have been hindered, since the Bastille Day lorry attack which left 84 people dead, thanks to counter-terrorism forces in the region.

Both countries met in Beijing to discuss how both countries can improve their cooperation in counter-terrorism.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced, on the second anniversary of UK operations, that ISIL now holds a small fraction of Iraq’s territory, with Iraqi forces currently preparing to encircle the city of Mosul.


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