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Mayor calls for separate EU security agreement

Sadiq Khan has called for a separate security agreement with the European Union to protect the safety of Londoners after Brexit.

Conflict wound research centre opens

The first specialist wound research centre has opened for those who have suffered injuries in incidents like terrorist attacks.

Machine learning helping Facebook fight online terrorism

Facebook is using machine learning to assess posts that may signal support for ISIS or al-Qaeda.

Melbourne terror suspect shot dead

A man who stabbed three people in the Australian city of Melbourne has died in hospital after being shot by police.

National exercise to test terrorism response

The emergency services have undertaken a three-day exercise to rehearse their response to a major terrorist attack.

New counter terrorism tactics at Luton Airport

Police officers at London Luton Airport have adopted new counter terrorism tactics to deter potential terrorists.

Protecting airports against vehicle attacks

With vehicle-related attacks on the rise, Gavin Hepburn discusses best practice for airport security officials looking to upgrade their retrospective solutions

Increasing the pressure on global security

International Security Expo showcases over 1,000 of the latest innovative security products to help improve security.

Tech and the post-Brexit landscape

Given the issue of Brexit-related soft borders, is it now time for new lines to be drawn? Our panellists discuss

Future of resilience in communications

Our panel of experts explore the extent to which blended communications are the future of resilience in communications

International Security Expo: Protecting crowded places

Counter Terror Business talks to Nigel Cook about the relationship between safety and visitor experience and designing effective mitigation

International Security Expo: Exercising contingency plans

Ahead of the International Security Expo, CTB talks to Brian Dillon about the importance of crisis management planning