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Defence Secretary welcomes liberation of Raqqah

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has celebrated the announcement that Raqqah has been liberated from ISIS control.

UK crime rise linked to 'spread of Islamic terror’

US President Donald Trump has controversially linked a rise in recorded crime in the UK to the ‘spread of radical Islamic terror’.

Airport screening fund to better detect explosives

A £3 million fund will support innovative research to develop new ways of detecting explosive devices concealed in electrical items.

New measures to better protect EU citizens

The European Commission has presented alongside its 11th Security Union Report a set of measures to better defend EU citizens against terrorist threats.

Mayor calls on ministers to ensure Brexit does not jeopardise safety

Sadiq Khan has set out six ‘red lines’ to ensure the UK can continue visual EU collaboration on security and counter terrorism post-Brexit.

UK facing ‘intense’ terror threat, MI5 chief warns

Britain is facing its most severe terrorist threat yet, the MI5 chief has warned in a rare public speech.

Taliban suicide attacks kills 12 in Afghanistan

12 people have died after a Taliban suicide car bomber and gunmen attacked a provincial Afghan police headquarters.

SAS and SBS to get £300 million cash injection

New reports have claimed that the UK’s special forces will receive a £300 million funding boost to enhance counter terrorism strength.

Merger loophole plans to strengthen security

Reports suggest that the government will have increased powers over foreign company mergers that raise national security concerns in the UK.

Dozens killed during US strikes on IS training camps

The US military has revealed that dozens of ISIS fighters have been killed at the terrorist group’s training camps in central Yemen.


Teaching terrorism - a change in approach

Chris Taylor discusses ACT for Youth, the latest counter terrorism safety campaign for young people

Evolution of terrorists’ use of the Internet

Amy-Louise Watkin & Joe Whittaker examine how terrorists use social media to reach audiences less familiar with the deep, dark web

Countering weaponised drones

Dr James Rogers examines some of the novel ways in which emerging weaponised drone threats are being countered

Current national security challenges

Professor Anthony Glees explores the current security threats to the UK and how security should be maintained in Brexit negotiations

Deterring terrorism on the transport network

There have been at least five major terrorist attacks in the UK in 2017. CTB explores the differing attacks and how to better protect our transport systems

UK Security Week launches in March 2018

International security professionals will gather in London in March 2018 to help tackle the growing threat facing nations and businesses.

The future of border security: a paradigm shift

The time has come for another paradigm shift in the way we manage border controls, says Tony Smith.

Roderick Jones Interview - assessing digital crime

Counter Terror Business interviews Roderick Jones about the current state of UK cyber security in the face of terrorism

Countering terrorism is an intelligence war

Knowing your enemy is critical to stopping terrorism, says Philip Ingram ahead of November's UK Security Expo

Changes to UK aviation security

Counter Terror Business looks at the current state of terrorist security in Europe and how the EU is improving its anti-terrorist security systems

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