More than £100 million for police transformation projects

The Home Office is investing more than £100 million in projects designed to prepare police forces to adapt to the challenges of the future.

Manchester Arena bomber was rescued by Royal Navy

Manchester bomber Salman Abedi was rescued by the Royal Navy from the civil war in Libya three years before the attack.

Cooperation over death penalty threat suspended

The Home Office has suspended cooperation with American authorities over the case of two British jihadis facing the possibility of execution in the US.

Armed police operations rise to highest level in seven years

Police firearms operations rose 19 per cent in the last year, with police carrying out 18,746 armed operations in the last 12 months.

Security threat from returning ISIS women

The number of women and minors returning to Britain from Syria and Iraq has been significantly underestimated.

UK 'will not block death penalty' for ISIS Beatles

Leak says UK would not oppose the use of the death penalty if two alleged ISIS members were extradited to the US.

Counter terrorism and security documents leaked

The Sunday Telegraph has found that hundreds of sensitive Cabinet Office and Hom

Lifetime anonymity plea for youngest convicted terrorist

Britain’s youngest convicted terrorist is seeking to keep his identity secret by asking t

Plot to kill the Prime Minister suspect found guilty

A man has been found guilty of seeking to detonate a bomb in the vicinity of Downing Street and assassinate Theresa May.

London Bridge attack heroes recognised

Three police officers who confronted the attackers on London Bridge last year are to be included on this year's Civilian Gallantry List.

Image credit: Ministry of Defence

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has revealed new medals honouring UK military personnel involved in the fight against the ISIS.

Trump lays London terrorism blame at Khan’s door

In a sensational interview with the Sun, President Trump claimed that Mayor of London Sadiq Khan ‘has done a very bad job on terrorism’.

Committee raises concerns over Counter Terrorism bill

Committee warns that proposed new powers are too vaguely defined and do not have sufficient safeguards to protect human rights.

Value of UK defence sector to economy highlighted

Gavin Williamson has urged for extra defence spending by emphasising an independent report on defence contributions to the economy.

NaCTSO advise for those holidaying abroad

Counter Terrorism Policing has encouraged those travelling abroad this Summer to stay safe and be familiar with its guidance.

Couple exposed to Novichok nerve agent

Detectives unable to say if the recent Novichok poisoning is the same that struck down a former Russian double agent and his daughter.