Brexit deal must secure terrorism intelligence sharing

The Lords EU Security and Justice Sub-Committee has warned that the UK is at risk of losing its real-time access to a watchlist of suspected terrorists if it does not strike a comprehensive Brexit deal on justice and security.

Questioning of the Home Office minister James Brokenshire, peers also raised concerns over the future of the European arrest warrant (EAW) system and the prospect of the UK becoming a haven for foreign criminals trying to evade justice from EU member states.

The situation prior to the EAW system was described by one member, Lord Rowlands, as ‘hopeless’ as it allowed fugitives to roam freely in countries without extradition treaties.

His concerns came as the MEP Nathalie Loiseau, an ally of the French President Emmanuel Macron, warned that a crash out from the EU without a deal would mean weaker ties on security.

Brokenshire responded by maintaining optimism that the intensified programme of negotiations scheduled for July and August would deliver a result for both sides.


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