Four people arrested for plotting attack in Brussels

Three minors and an adult were arrested in Belgium on terrorism charges on Sunday, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office has announced.

They are suspected of plotting an attack against a concert hall in Brussels.

Federal judicial police from Liège, Brussels, Charleroi and Ghent conducted searches on Sunday morning as part of ongoing investigations.

The adult suspect, an 18-year-old, is accused of “participating in the activities of a terrorist group and preparatory acts with the aim to commit a terrorist attack."

Police said they searched the homes of four young suspects who allegedly sent each other messages about a terror plot. No weapons or explosives were recovered during the searches.

A spokesperson for the federal prosecutor's office told the AFP news agency that the details of the alleged attack were deemed "worrying enough to intervene."

"It's not that they were planning something tomorrow, but still imminent enough to intervene," spokesperson Eric Van Der Sypt said.

Brussels has seen an increase in terrorist activity in recent years. A jury last year found six people guilty of terrorist murder for extremist attacks at the Brussels airport and a subway station that killed 32 people in Belgium’s deadliest peacetime violence in 2016.


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