CTX – The Counter Terror Expo

CTX – The Counter Terror Expo returns to ExCeL London on 19th & 20th June to unite professionals from industry, infrastructure, government, and policing to explore the latest counter-terrorism technologies and solutions. The event encourages the development of new ideas and the discussion of innovative strategies to combat the latest threats facing the UK and its partners.

The theme of the CTX content programme this year is the four key strands of the CONTEST strategy: Prevent, Pursue, Protect, and Prepare. The programme will be driven by panel discussions around the key areas affecting our national security - in the physical, online and emotional spaces - led by senior leaders from Policing (including CTP, BTP and MPS), government, regulatory bodies, P/CVE specialists, academics, victims of terrorist attacks, leading campaigners and charitable organisations.

Our panellists will share their insight of the CONTEST strategy, and its relevance in the face of a changing terrorist threat. How are global events shaping our foreign and domestic security policies? How do we identify the signs of radicalisation and extremism, what are the tools and platforms being used to corrupt the young, and the vulnerable? How do we stop this – through preventative education, compassion, reasonable regulation, and legislation? Or by imposing a state of surveillance, oppressive legislation, restrictive regulation, and closed borders? Whose responsibility is this? Who is accountable for all of this? How do we react as individuals, organisations, communities, and society at large – and can we be better prepared, more organised and have greater resilience to any future events?

The Israel/ Hamas conflict has ignited passions globally. Numerous demonstrations have taken place in cities around the world – some peaceful, others not. Referrals to PREVENT have soared, since Hamas launched their attack on Israel. Finger-pointing, blame and counter-blame has ensued. The spread of misinformation, and disinformation – videos detailing horrific actions from both sides – have flooded social media platforms, and only served to further inflame tempers. How does this affect our counter-terrorism posture? How do the authorities successfully police these demonstrations, amid calls of Islamophobia, Racism, and anti-Semitism?

Martyn’s Law has been the subject of a Public Consultation – but only one half of it, the Standard Tier Premises. The Government has dragged its feet on delivering a promise that the Bill will be put before Parliament this Spring. It is now unrealistic to expect it to get its first reading in this session of Parliament. Figen Murray, Nick Aldworth and others, who have campaigned relentlessly for the best part of the last seven years to get this legislation enacted, are losing patience with this government – and rightly so.

The programme over the two days of CTX will look like this:

Day One:

A series of four panel discussions looking at the topics of:

  • Is the CONTEST strategy nimble enough to deal with the current multi-faceted terrorist threat.
  • How the Israel/ Hamas conflict has changed the narrative for PREVENT.
  • Radicalisation & Extremism - the new global pandemic. How do we PREPARE for it?
  • PROTECT Duty: How protective security best practice can be delivered for Martyn's Law

Day Two:

Two panel discussions and a presentation looking at the key areas of:

  • The realities of a terrorist attack. Can you PURSUE a normal life as a survivor?
  • Terrorist use of the internet: Can we PREVENT Misinformation and Disinformation?
  • Presentation by Dr Craig Jarvis: Cyberterrorism: Myth and Reality.

The key partnership for CTX again this year is with TINYg – the Global Terrorism Information Network – who are a not-for-profit, knowledge and threat sharing organisation. You’ll be able to hear from TINYg members in the conference programme and engage with them at their stand on main exhibition floor.

To reinforce the messages that we are covering at CTX this year, we have chosen to support two charities that are the embodiment of our event, RAPAID – The emergency bandage charity who aim to #stopthebleed by making life-saving emergency bandages as commonplace as fire extinguishers and defibrillators across the UK, and the National Emergencies Trust – the Nationwide Disaster Charity. Please engage with them at their stands on the main exhibition floor to see how you and your organisation can support their vital work.

Come and join us at CTX and its co-located event, Forensics Europe Expo this year to learn, engage and form the future of preventative, resilient national security and forensic investigation innovation.

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Entrance to both CTX and FEE is free, subject to meeting our registration criteria, physical security clearance on the day and production of photo ID on entrance and clearance of our security protocols.

We look forward to welcoming you to CTX & FEE in June.

Jun 19, 2024 to Jun 20, 2024
ExCeL London


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