Fallon presents inaugural Counter Terror Awards

Former Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, presenting the first Counter Terror Awards, has called on tech industry giants to 'help root out' terrorists who are using social media to spread extremism.

In his opening address, the Sevenoaks MP said the changing nature of terrorism meant digital companies have a duty to help 'tackle the aggressors behind the algorithms and the enemies behind the encryption'. Echoing recent government warnings Fallon said that such companies are 'hiding behind the pretence that they are not publishers' and have created 'huge ungoverned spaces in which extremism flourishes'.

He argued that recent terror attacks show everyone is now a legitimate target, saying: “As terrorists adopt more low level methods, killing with knives and vans, the range of targets increases. 90 per cent of organised terrorism on the Internet takes place via social media, and for these millennial terrorists communication is 90 per cent of their struggle. Facebook, Google and the rest cannot opt out of their responsibility”.

As part of the Awards, Fallon presented 10 companies and public sector organisations with Counter Terror awards, recognising their contribution to reducing the threat from global terrorism.

After all the winners were revealed, next years’ event was announced. The black tie dinner will take place on March 5 in London.

Outstanding Contribution to Counter Terrorism
sponsored by SeeQuestor

Winner: Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police
Mark Rowley is most senior figure in the UK police’s efforts to combat terrorism and has been national lead for counter terrorism policing since 2014. Rowley worked with MI5 and other intelligence agencies to successfully stop 23 attacks since the murder of Lee Rigby in 2013, ten of which were foiled since March 2017. Current Prime Minister Theresa May has paid tribute to Mr Rowley, saying his dedication to protecting public safety had served as an example of the professionalism of the UK’s police forces. He will retire from policing in March this year.

Richard Barrett OBE, United Nations
Assistant Chief Constable Chris Shead, National Police Chiefs Council
Debbie Heald MBE, Managing Director, Heald UK
Chief Constable Simon Cole, Leicestershire Police Force

Counter Terror Policing Award
sponsored by Safetell

Winner: Civil Nuclear Constabulary
Since its inception three years ago, CNC has worked closely with the Cabinet Office, OSCT and military to develop an emergency responsive plan which delivers over 400 armed police officers across the UK in support of the national Operation Temperer. CNC has deployed twice under this plan; in May 2017 after the Manchester bombings and again in September 2017 following the Parsons Green attack. On both occasions, with just a few hours’ notice CNC successfully moved these large numbers of armed officers from all over the UK.

National Counter Terrorism Policing - ACT (Action Counters Terrorism)
City of London Police - Project Servator
Bedfordshire Police - ‘Cross the Line’ App

Counter Terrorism Education Project
sponsored by Hesco Group

Winner: University of St Andrews - Terrorism Studies programme
The Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) at the University of St Andrews is exclusive in its research focus and clarity, and is committed to evidence-based, scholarly analysis that is policy-relevant and independent. It now offers the first transnational counter-terrorism online course, which provides an understanding of the latest thinking on terrorism and homeland security.

Salvas Learning - Run-Hide-Survive™
Faith Matters - Supporting Affected Families from Extremism
Africa Security Forum (UK) - Africa Diaspora CT Project
National Counter Terrorism Policing - ACT for Youth: RUN HIDE TELL
Institute for Strategic Dialogue - Extreme Dialogue Educational Resources

Counter Terrorism Project
sponsored by PA Consulting

Winner: CitizenAID™ - Early response initiative
citizenAIDTM is the initiative of four deeply experienced UK civilian and military clinicians working in collaboration with industry to improve public resilience. It provides a simple system for any deliberate attack that blends public safety messaging with a combination of emergency services communication (SLIDE and MIST messages), sorting casualties into priority for treatment, and guidance on first aid for serious injury. citizenAIDTM has received international media coverage. The charity is working with several European countries to internationalise.

Police Scotland/Robert Gordon University - Protect & Prepare: Securing Your Business
Fife Council - ‘Counter Terrorism and Your Safety’
Counter Extremism Project - Digital Disruption
Compass Group - Staff Training & Awareness Initiative

Counter Terrorism IT Product
sponsored by Audax Global Solutions

Winner: HGH Infrared Systems - Cyclope Automatic Intrusion Tracking Software
CYCLOPE is the automatic intrusion detection and tracking software analysing the 360-degree high resolution images captured by HRH SPYNEL sensors. CYCLOPE automatically detects and tracks an unlimited number of ground/air/maritime targets simultaneously, including hardly detectable threats, such as crawling men, RHIBs, low altitude air targets, UAVs and stealth aircrafts. The latest version takes advantage of unique detecting and tracking algorithms with ultra-low false alarm rate.

BrainChip Inc - BrainChip Studio Forensic Search Software
Cognitec Systems GmbH - FaceVACS-DBScan LE
Patriot One (UK) - PATSCAN CMR Concealed Weapon Detection
Tactical Electronics - CORE System Thermal Fusion Technology

Perimeter Protection Award
sponsored by the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association

Winner: Heald - Matador surface-mount automatic bollard system
Heald’s PAS68 crash tested surface-mount perimeter protection product, the Matador, is an example of where existing locations face a real issue in retro-fitting products due to underground cables, gas pipes etc. and a highly secure solution is required which provides the same level of protection as other products on the market. Orders for the Matador have increased considerably for the past few years, with overall turnover growth expected to top 30 per cent this financial year.

Abloy - CLIQ® Connect / Protec2 CLIQ® Introduction Key Control
Bradbury Group - Vertex Gates
Navtech Radar - AdvanceGuard perimeter surveillance system
Frontier Pitts - Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Side Folding Bollard

CBRNE Product Award
sponsored by OpenWorks Engineering

Winner: Avon Protection Systems - NH15 Combo Escape Hood
Avon Protection’s advanced CBRN respiratory protection systems are placed at the heart of many international defence and tactical PPE deployment strategies. In collaboration with Johnson Matthey, the company has produced a stable, lightweight CBRN/Carbon Monoxide escape hood – NH15 Combo – that is intended for use by first responders, building on initial work by Anglo Platinum in low temperature carbon monoxide catalysis. During product development, Avon Rubber and Johnson Matthey demonstrated several aspects of good practice in innovation. These include leveraging Johnson Matthey’s fundamental scientific skills and knowledge to new applications, collaborations internally across different business units and a customer focus throughout the project.

FLIR Systems - FLIR identiFINDER R440
Mirion technologies- SPIR-Ace RIID

Communications Systems Award
sponsored by the Heald

Winner: Audax Global Solutions - BioAx Body Cameras
Audax’s development of Body Worn Video technology was first introduced in 2006 for a joint project with Devon & Cornwall Police and the UK Home Office. This led to the first ever standards and guidance document for BWV being produced. Bio-AX® contains an enhanced staff ‘safety blanket’ alarm feature, with capability for remote access, remote memory wipe and redaction software all built in to a ‘Security and Privacy by design’ product. Coupled with GPS Google Mapping, all user actions from the Bio-AX® are logged, creating a complete chain of custody.

goTenna - Secure digital tactical mesh networking radio
Primetech - MultiNet Comms ground communications solutions
State Security Networks Group / AirBus / Motorola Roaming

Transport Security Award
sponsored by the Transported Asset Protection Association

Winner: Regal Maritime Solutions
Stowaways present a range of problems for ship owners. The financial costs of repatriating a stowaway if found after the vessel leaves port are very high, not to mention the danger the crew would be put in should a stowaway be discovered whilst the vessel is underway. Regal Maritime Solutions deploys highly experienced maritime security teams on board merchant and private vessels. Made up of ex-military personnel, the teams possess unmatched skill and expertise when it comes to securing a vessel making port calls in high risk regions.

ATG Access
Stobart Air
Amulet Ballistic Barriers
Smiths Detection

UAV Product Award
sponsored by ARPAS UK

Winner: OpenWorks Engineering Ltd - SkyWall Counter Drone Technology
SkyWall Counter Drone Technology is a net capture system that neutralises any type of small drone. Damage to both the drone and the surrounding area is minimised by controlling the descent with a parachute, allowing forensic investigation. The SkyWall range offers defence in handheld and mounted autonomous systems. SkyWall100 is a mobile, handheld system, while SkyWall300 is a mounted system that can be installed on mobile or fixed assets. It is environmentally protected and can be fully automatic when integrated with detection systems.

Drone Defence - SkyFence™ electronic countermeasures system
Robin Radar Systems - ELVIRA® Drone Detection Radar
PDA Electronics - Repulse®
AUDS Team - AUDS (Anti-UAV Defence System)


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