The campaign for Martyn's law

Figen Murray, mother of Martyn Hett, who died at the Manchester Arena attack, and after whom the law is named, is to walk from Manchester to Downing Street to raise awareness of Martyn’s Law.

She will begin the walk at Manchester Arena on 7 May and will arrive at Downing Street on 22 May, the seventh anniversary of the attack.

Murray will be joined by other campaigners, including Brendan Cox, whose wife Jo Cox was murdered in 2016. The campaigners will stop at the sites of other terrorist attacks en route.

Martyn's Law

Martyn’s Law will impose requirements in relation to certain premises and events to increase their preparedness for, and protection from, a terrorist attack by requiring them to take proportionate steps, depending on the size and nature of the activities that take place at the premises.

The proposed requirements would apply to those responsible for qualifying public premises and qualifying public events. They might be individuals but, in most cases, would be a business or other organisation.

The proposals set out different requirements for standard tier premises, which would have a capacity of 100-799 individuals and enhanced tier premises and qualifying public events, both of which have a capacity of 800 individuals or more.

A consultation on Martyn’s Law closed in March and the results are currently being considered by the government.The consultation was aimed at organisations, businesses, local and public authorities, and individuals who own or operate publicly accessible premises or events that the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill will potentially affect.

The consultation sought views from those responsible for smaller premises which would fall within the standard tier. The government committed to Martyn’s Law in the 2019 manifesto and the 2022 Queen’s speech. However, there is no update on when it will become law.

Speaking to the BBC, Ms Murray said: “Almost five years on from their first commitment, the draft legislation still hasn’t been tabled.

“No parent should have to experience the pain and loss I’ve felt.

“I truly believe we have an opportunity to make public spaces safer and more secure by introducing Martyn’s Law.”

Mr Cox added: “Martyn’s mum shouldn’t be having to walk from Manchester to London to put pressure on the government to do something it has promised multiple times.”


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