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International Security Expo - it is unmissable

The 2019 iteration of International Security Expo is fast approaching, with the show returning to London’s Olympia on 3 December. With six weeks until the event begins, Philip Ingram provides an update

Exhibitions and conferences are great to bring the widest possible security community together to see the latest equipment, discuss the latest policies, share case studies but at the end of the day, the measurement of success for a security or counter terror professional is nothing happens.

So, what is it like when terror strikes at the very heart of your being? How does it make you feel as a human being when you become a victim of terror? How do you deal with it at the time and rebuild your life back to a semblance of normality after life changing events?  A theme running though this year’s International Security Expo in London Olympic on 3-4 December 2019, is the ‘realities of terror.’

Figen Murry, a mother devastated by the loss of her son, Martyn, in the Manchester Arena bombing, Peter Cooke, taken hostage whilst a contractor in Iraq, Helen Scott, living under Pan Am Flight 103 that came down on Lockerbie all those years ago. They are all victims of the horror that terror causes, they will all put the innovation, best practice and technologies on display, into the context of the human cost if it goes wrong.

They are the reason why this is a must attend event, they put into context all of the effort and work security professionals, public or private, embody and they are the reason why the measurement of success in the security industry is nothing happens. They all in some way were failed.

The realities of terror theme is merely one theme and this year’s extensive content programme contains two high level summits on Global Counter Terrorism followed by International Serious and Organised Crime. Led by the organisations responsible for dealing with and advising on these issues, Counter Terror Police UK (CTPUK), the FBI, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), the Cabinet Office, National Crime Agency (NCA), RUSI and more.



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