SDW 2018

SDW is the world's leading show for high-security documents, government identity, border control and advanced identity management.

The 12th edition of SDW, hosted by Science Media Partners, will be held 25-27 June, 2018, in London, UK, and is expecting to welcome 2000 attendees from around the world. The event features a world-renowned three-day conference and a free two-day exhibition with 150+ companies exhibiting.

SDW provides exceptional opportunities for learning, sourcing solutions and networking with so many leading organisations, government officials and industry professionals from around the world all under one roof. SDW is a truly international event with 78 nations represented at the 2017 show.

SDW Exhibition

26-27 June, 2018

The SDW 2018 exhibition will be a comprehensive showcase of products and services employed in the manufacture, supply and use of security documents and advanced identity technologies, including e-Passports, visas, national ID cards, drivers’ licences, biometrics, smart cards, RFID, identity management tools and other related technologies.

SDW has expanded its exhibition space this year, due to demand from exhibitors, and will host 150 stands.

The exhibition will also host a free drop-in seminar programme in The Knowledge Theatre where attendees can hear from industry experts and senior security officials on a range of subjects including market trends, foundational document security and fighting document and ID fraud.

Entrance to the extensive exhibition is free of charge.

SDW Conference

25-27 June, 2018

Recognised worldwide as the pre-eminent conference for professionals involved in secure ID credentials and government-identity solutions, the SDW conference brings innovations, insight, analysis and debate direct from 80+ industry expert speakers.

Key themes for SDW 2018:

  • Technological trends - The shape of things to come
 - As challenges, such as terrorism, organised crime, forced migration, identity fraud and social exclusion, continue to challenge policymakers across the world, the identity industry must adapt and evolve.

While this process requires many different elements, leading contributors to SDW have cited the critical role that new technologies will play. Examples are biometrics, mobile devices, new credential substrates and security features, as well as the need to work with both physical and digital identities, and the development of technologies such as blockchain.
In a series of sessions, we will examine these technology trends and aim to establish how they will shape our industry over the coming years.
  • Design & manufacture: Best practice - 
Whether organisations are involved in the design or manufacture of new credentials or next-generation identity management systems, best practice plays an invaluable role in raising the bar to limit counterfeiting and fraud.

SDW will take an in-depth view at the tools, techniques, materials and processes that enhance security and further improve quality – ensuring that citizens are able – both on-line and off-line – to prove their identity with ease, while making fraud detection easier for authorities.
  • Bringing next-generation government identity solutions to life
 - Secure identity credentials have been developed over decades and today are used by more people than ever before for an increasing number of applications – from proving their identity, to international travel, and accessing government services. SDW 2018 will have a series of sessions exploring the many existing and emerging areas where document security and identity management play a critical role in enabling citizens to live and work in a country, vote, drive, travel and access an increasing number of services, both public and private.
  • Staying ahead of the fraud curve
 - As we continue to innovate and design new ways of developing secure documents and managing identities, government and industry need to remain vigilant and stay ahead of the fraud curve to ensure their designs and processes are not vulnerable to fraud or misuse. Equally, action to detect and disrupt fraud needs to be robust.

 During the past decade, instances of simplistic document fraud have been on the decline, but have been replaced by a sharp increase in identity fraud. Actors and organisations involved in terrorism and organised crime will continue to exploit design and system vulnerabilities for their benefit and remain highly motivated and well-resourced to achieve their aims. 

In this series of sessions, SDW will take a purposeful look at the drivers of document and identity fraud, the systems, approaches and tools available to prevent and detect it, and explore what government and industry can do to further deter and reduce the possibility of fraudulent documents or identities being used by those who seek to do harm to our societies.
  • Driving global interoperability
 - As increasing numbers of people travel to more destinations than ever before, now, more than ever, interoperability is critical to our shared success. Secure documents need to be readable in multiple locations by multiple actors. Systems need to interface with other systems. And end-users should be able to use their identity or credentials in new and innovative ways.

 Vitally important standards, such as ICAO 9303, provide a powerful platform on which the foundations of global interoperability can be built.

 SDW will examine the latest standards and recommended practices and take a look over the horizon to see where new standards may be needed to expand citizen services and drive interoperability across the globe.
  • Views from the top - State of the identity industry
 - The document security and identity management sector is comprised of a myriad of stakeholders: from government departments responsible for issuing identity documents, to secure printers and specialist suppliers who manufacture security features, personalise documents, secure distribution and more…

As market dynamics and competitive forces evolve, industry adapts and changes. So what are the factors affecting our industry today? What challenges face those who set the strategy and direction for their companies?

SDW will showcase the thinking of the leaders in our industry. We will take a close look at what’s on the horizon, where opportunities or challenges are occurring, and what new skills and capabilities need to be developed to be successful in both today’s industry and tomorrow’s uncertain world.
  • Identity at the edge - 
For any industry to thrive, there has to be a wealth of new ideas bubbling up below the surface. Research and development – whether by academia, government or industry – is key to provide the space for original thinking, to challenge today’s perceptions, and to shine a possible light on the way forward.

SDW will look at identity at the edge, where the edge is a frontier of original thought into new technologies, systems, processes and design.
  • Grand designs
 - Some projects go beyond the status quo to deliver a truly ground-breaking document design or government identity based system – from border management systems to innovative citizen ID services. SDW will provide a showcase for these inspirational case studies.

“SDW provides a vital role for the secure document and identity sector as a keyinformation source and global meeting place. We are always delighted to see so many familiar faces return and to welcome newcomers to the SDW community where government, industry and academia come together to discuss, source and forge solutions.” Mark Lockie, SDW Event Director

Find out more about SDW 2018 and register to attend by visiting our website.

Jun 25 2018 to Jun 27 2018
QEII Centre, London

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