Terrorism threat level raised in Northern Ireland

The secretary of state for Northern Ireland, has announced that the Northern Ireland-related Terrorism threat level in Northern Ireland has been raised from substantial to severe.

Chris Heaton-Harris said that the the decision to change the threat level is taken by MI5, independently of Ministers.

The threat level is now severe, meaning an attack is highly likely.

According to a statement from the Secretary of State, the public should remain vigilant, but not be alarmed and continue to report any concerns they have to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Heaton-Harris said: "The threat level to Northern Ireland from Northern Ireland Related Terrorism is constantly monitored and is subject to a regular formal review. This is a systematic, comprehensive and rigorous process, based on the very latest intelligence and analysis of factors which drive the threat. The threat level review takes into account a range of factors and analysis of recent incidents."

Recent months have seen an increase in levels of activity relating to Northern Ireland Related Terrorism, which has targeted police officers.

The threat level for Northern Ireland was downgraded last March.

The threat level in the rest of the UK remains substantial, meaning an attack is a strong possibility.

Image: By Richard Townshend -, CC BY 3.0,


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