Government claims "vast majority" of Prevent recommendations implemented

One year on after the Independent Review, the government says the "vast majority" of review recommendations have been implemented. 

After an independent review of Prevent from William Shawcross, the government says they have delivered 30 out of 34 of the mentioned recommendations. 

There have been several key recommendations that the government says have now been introduced.

For example, they say duty guidance came into effect in England and Wales that assists statutory partners to understand how to comply with the duty and strengthen their Prevent delivery.

As well as this, the Home Office says they have bolstered their approach to tackling extremist narratives, including hiring new intervention providers specialising in antisemitism.

James Cleverley, home secretary, said: "Delivering the recommendations of the Independent Review of Prevent has been critical to ensuring a Prevent programme that is fit for purpose and agile enough to meet the threats we face today."

He also said the conflict in Israel and Palestine has brought the importance of Prevent "into sharp focus."

The independent review came under fire last year when Shawcross was criticised for biased thinking in relation to the Muslim community among other issues. 

Since the government has announced these changes, however, Shawcross himself told the BBC it was still leaving the British public "at risk."

According to the BBC, Shawcross suggested Prevent was failing to identify terrorist sympathisers and there was an increased risk in the UK due to the war in Gaza.



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