Jihadist content targeted on Internet Archive platform

The European Union Internet Referral Unit (EU IRU) at Europol has conducted another Referral Action Day (RAD) targeting online jihadist propaganda.

On 14 July, the Referral Action Day targeted online jihadist propaganda disseminated on the Internet Archive platform by referring these materials to the provider with the request to review them against the terms of service. This Referral Action Day focused on strengthening cooperation between Europol and law enforcement agencies together with the Internet Archive platform. It gave the opportunity to identify and assess terrorist content with the aim of raising awareness about the extent of the platform’s abuse by jihadists and their supporters.

Among the referred content were propaganda material (videos, audios and digital magazines) of the ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorist organisations and their affiliates.

Europe says that the Referral Action Day provided insights, which would enhance the content moderation policies in view of the Regulation on addressing the dissemination of Terrorist Content Online (TCO Regulation). 


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