Dick sets sights on tasers and cyber crime

Newly appointed commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Cressida Dick has outlined her vision for the force, including plans for more officers to carry tasers. The first female leader of the Met highlighted tackling violent crime in the capital as her main priority, following recent figures showcasing a rise of 42 per cent in gun crime and 24 per cent in knife crime in London. She also highlighted the potential for more officers to carry tasers, which she stated were ‘a very good piece of equipment’ that saves lives. Due to budget cuts and the changing threat landscape, Dick conceded that her reign in charge may see fewer officers on the beat, but encouraged that this ‘could be as effective if not more effective, through the use of technology and different ways of working’. Speaking to reporters at Lewisham police station, Dick also highlighted fighting cyber crime as a priority, outlining hopes to use data analytics to identify suspects ‘in a way we can’t quite do at the moment’.


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