Man from Sheffield found guilty of planning attack

A man from Sheffield has been found guilty of preparing to commit an act of terrorism, following an investigation by Counter Terrorism Policing North East.

The unit arrested 24-year-old Farhad Salah in December 2017, with the support of South Yorkshire Police. His arrest resulted in the early disruption of attack planning, before a target could be identified.

Salah wanted to fight in ISIS-occupied territory but was left frustrated that he was unable to travel as a result of his unsettled immigration status, leading him to explore alternative ways to support the terrorist organisation.

The police investigation uncovered extensive evidence that Salah possessed an extremist ideology, and that he was in possession of a wide range of extremist material, including ISIS propaganda films. Much of this material was extremely disturbing, involving horrific scenes of torture and murder.

The jury at Sheffield Crown Court reached their verdict on 12 July, following a six week trial. Salah will be sentenced on 24 July.

Detective Chief Superintendent Martin Snowden, head of Counter Terrorism Policing North East, said: “During the course of this case Salah has been inconsistent in his explanation of the evidence. He tried to defend his possession of extremist material and the content of his online communications, claiming his account was hacked and he was merely curious about the ideology of Daesh.

“Today the jury saw through these justifications and agreed that these Salah was in fact a dangerous individual, who was preparing for acts that may have resulted in loss of life. Salah clearly had an extremist mind set and communication from him indicates that he saw his situation as critical. He claimed he was a terrorist, who would be judged by God.

“While our investigation did not establish the target of a potential attack, Salah posed a very real risk to the safety of our communities. We’re grateful we were able to disrupt his plans before he’d identified an opportunity to see them through.”


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