Egypt and US look to strengthen counter terror ties

Egypt and US look to strengthen counter terror ties

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has voiced hopes for deeper counter-terrorism ties with the United States following the the deadly attack that killed an officer and 10 Egyptian soldiers in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, claimed by Islamic State (IS) jihadists.

Following a meeting with US Army General Michael “Erik” Kurilla, who oversees US forces in the Middle East, Sisi claimed that terrorism was the foremost challenge to Egypt’s security and stability and required “collective efforts to combat it.”

Kurilla’s visit, his first since being appointed head of US Central Command in April, comes after US administration announced it would cut $130 million in military aid to Egypt over human rights concerns.

He told reporters that the Egypt relationship was "critical" and that his visit gave him "a new appreciation" for Egypt's prominent role in the Middle East.

The US has provided Egypt $1.3 billion in military aid annually.


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