Review into sentencing the most dangerous offenders

A review of sentencing policy is to take place immediately to ensure violent and sexual offenders are serving sentences that truly reflect the severity of their crimes.

It will consider whether changes in legislation are needed to lock them up for longer – by not letting them out part-way through a sentence. It will also look at how to break the cycle of repeat offenders.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has instructed the government review team to report directly to him with recommendations this autumn.

The review will look at the rules governing when and how the most serious violent and sexual offenders are released, and the sentencing of the most prolific offenders.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "Dangerous criminals must be kept off our streets, serving the sentences they deserve – victims want to see it, the public want to see it and I want to see it.

"To ensure confidence in the system, the punishment must truly fit the crime. We have all seen examples of rapists and murderers let out too soon or people offending again as soon as they’re released.

"This ends now. We want them caught, locked up, punished and properly rehabilitated."


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