Baroness Williams on India counter extremism trip

Baroness Williams, the UK’s Minister for Countering Extremism, will use a speech in Delhi to outline how closer cooperation with trusted allies is the best way to undermine extremist ideologies across the globe. Building on the closer cooperation on counter terrorism and counter extremism which Prime Minister Theresa May agreed with Indian Prime Minister Modi during the leader’s visit to the UK in April, Williams is set to outline the UK government’s strategic approach to countering extremism and will also discuss key successes in the UK’s approach, including establishing the independent Commission for Countering Extremism and creating a network of over 160 civil society groups who challenge extremism in their local areas. Addressing the Observer Research Foundation conference, Baroness Williams will say: “It is no secret that there are those in nations across the world, who do not share our values of democracy, the rule of law, mutual respect and tolerance of individuals of different faiths and beliefs. The threat we face from extremists is unprecedented. The internet is enabling them to spread their ideologies at a pace and scale never before seen. Defeating extremism in all its forms is not something any government can, or should, do alone. Only through close cooperation with trusted allies and partners can we undermine the extremists who wish to do us all harm.”



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