Gibraltar hosts Action Counters Terrorism event

Gibraltar hosts Action Counters Terrorism event

The UK's National Counter Terrorism Security Office, together with the Royal Gibraltar Police, has hosted Gibraltar's first ever 'Action Counters Terrorism' event for the local business community.

The event aims to provide the tools for citizens to be able to react to any potential terrorist threat in Gibraltar, although it is not a response to any particular threat.

In attendance were a combination of speakers including staff from the UK Centre of Protection and National Infrastructure (CPNI), UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), and the City of London Police, who presented advice to representatives from local businesses from retail, to bankers, online gaming, and to some of the Royal Gibraltar Police's s key strategic partners.

Opening the event, the Governor of Gibraltar and Co-Chair of the Gibraltar Contingency Council, Vice Admiral Sir David Steel, commented on Gibraltar’s security threats and its response to mitigate those risks.

"Apart from the management of Covid and the long running saga over a Brexit treaty for Gibraltar, that will maintain and hopefully enhance the prosperity and standard of living in Gibraltar, the only thing that keeps me awake at night is our personal and physical security,"

Sir David compared Gibraltar to the town of Accrington in Lancaster as the population size is similar, but said the likelihood of an attack in Gibraltar was greater.

"Arguably the risk of attack is much higher, it has an international and military airport close to the general population, and an international frontier, and is accessible from two ends, from the sea where everyday hundreds of pleasure craft and other boats pass within metres of the runway itself,".

Rachel Duckett, Supervisor Business Engagement Unit at NaCTSO, said this visit to Gibraltar was an opportunity to strengthen partnerships that can protect and prepare Gibraltar and the UK against a threat.

"'Action Counters Terrorism' is our message here today, and the more we act the more we can continue to keep people safe.

"The next two days will ensure that the National Counter Terrorism Security Office provides businesses with the assured advice and guidance, and this event ensures a standardised approach to our engagement, allowing us to give information in a clear and consistent approach."



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