North west nursing student partake in training event

Nursing students from Northumbria University have taken part in a staged firearms training event designed to give doctors and paramedics a taste of working in a mass casualty terrorist incident.

Great North Air Ambulance Service and Northumbria Police ran the simulated learning experience, which was being run for clinicians from around the country as part of an annual training course.

Six paramedics and six doctors took part in the live training event, featuring  dozens of casualties displaying signs of blast and gunshot injuries. They had been ‘injured’ in the simulated terrorist incident and had been given realistic, bleeding wounds requiring treatment.

Jamie Walsh, training manager at Great North Air Ambulance Service, said: “We are looking at the triage aspect: when they should be doing care and where they should be doing it and also prioritising which patient requires treatment first. It’s not just the critical care they are learning but how to communicate in these very stressful and pressured situations. It’s a really interesting scenario and something which they’ll have never done before.”


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