Mexico to investigate El Paso shootings as an act of terrorism

Mexico will investigate the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, that killed 22 people on 3 August, including eight Mexican citizens, as an act of terrorism.

According to the country’s Foreign Minister, Mexico’s involvement in the criminal process against accused shooter Patrick Crusius could also see the country’s law enforcement request the suspected shooter be extradited to Mexico for trial.

Marcelo Ebrard told reporters at the Mexican consulate in El Paso that eight Mexicans were killed at the Walmart store in the Texas border city, and that six of the wounded Mexican nationals remained hospitalised. He said he would ask U.S. authorities to turn the bodies over to their Mexican families as soon as possible.

Ebrard said: “We consider this an act of terrorism, in this case carried out in U.S. territory, but an act of terrorism against Mexicans,” Ebrard said at the Mexican consulate in El Paso. “It will be the first investigative case of this importance in the history of Mexico regarding terrorism in United States territory.”


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