RBS and Glasgow University evacuated following reports of suspicious packages

RBS headquarters in Edinburgh and Glasgow University were evacuated this morning after suspicious packages were found.

The incident at the RBS headquartres has since been cleared with officers saying that the package posed no risk to the public.

This follows yesterday's incidents of packages bursting into flames after being opened in three London transport hubs.

 A Police Scotland spokesperson said:  "Police in Edinburgh were called to the Royal Bank of Scotland building on Glasgow Road at around 10.45am on Wednesday 6 March following a report of a suspicious package.

"Inquiries have established that the package posed no risk to the public and contained promotional goods.

"The area surrounding the building has been reopened and the public are thanked for their patience whilst this incident was ongoing." 

Glasgow University's twitter page stated: "As a precautionary measure, police have advised the evacuated buildings should remain closed for the remainder of the day."


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