Airports given extension to install security tech

Airports have been granted an extension to install the newest security technology.

New scanners detect prohibited items with greater accuracy, which will make air travel safer and easier for UK passengers.

Initially, the government's deadline for airports was 1 June 2024 but the changes could be pushed back to a year later.

Some UK airports are being given more time to install new security technology with serious financial penalties planned for those who fail to meet the new deadlines.

Transport secretary, Mark Harper, said: "These cutting-edge scanners will make air travel safer and easier for passengers by strengthening security even further."

He added that the UK is "leading the world with its roll-out of this technology," but said it’s important to give airports time to meet the deadline.

Harper said: "Due to issues such as the global supply chain’s continued recovery from the pandemic, some airports have been unable to upgrade their security checkpoints before the 1 June 2024 deadline announced at the end of 2022."

He finished by saying that extensions have been given on a case-by-case basis.

First announced in 2018, the new scanners detect prohibited items with greater accuracy, meaning security staff can work more efficiently and passengers no longer need to take items out of their hand luggage to simplify the security screening process. 

Once in place, travellers will also be able to take greater quantities of liquids through security without the concern of the 100ml limit.

The extensions to the June 2024 deadline are being granted to those airports required to install the new kit.

Extensions have been granted for up to a year and it is the responsibility of airports to install this cutting-edge technology.


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