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It’s high time there was some official words about whether or not we will be able to (officially) see the Prevent Strategy review any time soon. A brief rewind - Liberal Democrat peer Lord Carlile was appointed in 2019 to lead it, but was swiftly ousted via a legal challenge from Rights Watch (UK) which argued that his appointment was unlawful due to his involvement in the formation of the strategy. Given concerns that Prevent is considered toxic by many British Muslims, the appointment thirteen months later of ‘Trumpian’ William Shawcross, a perceived Islamophobe who in 2012 said “Europe and Islam is one the greatest, most terrifying problems of our future” seemed insensitive at best. He was supposed to deliver the review on 30th September, but was granted an extension or three.

In May this year, we find out through (undenied) leaks published in the Guardian that Shawcross would be recommending a shift of emphasis - away from challenging far right radicalisation and towards tackling Islamist extremism. All the data suggests, along with many experts, that he’s got it badly wrong. At present, the review is unreleased. Maybe it’s time to throw it away and start again with a more sensible choice to lead it who hasn’t got a track record of upsetting the very organisations that need to be involved in its successful delivery.

This issue dives deep into the upcoming Protect Duty legislation, with articles by Figen Murray OBE and Ian Palmer, along with a look at how the events industry can prepare for the changes by ExCel’s head of security Henry Havis. CT guru Nick Aldworth examines how critical friendship can help in crisis situations and security expert Lee Doddridge looks at what qualifications may be required by security staff in order to meet Protect Duty’s eventual requirements. A big look at the upcoming International Security Exhibition, which takes place at Olympia London on 27/28th, starts on page 27, followed by what’s on show to protect against the cyber threat at the co-located International Cyber Expo. The security requirements of the aviation sector are dissected in a summary of the latest Pool Re aviation sector risk report on P50. To round off, we look at new technology for first responders on display at the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham on 21 & 22nd September. We welcome your feedback

Danny Wright, acting editor


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