Perimeter Security

Strengthening security standards

Founded in 2009 on the directive of the UK Government, the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA) initially aimed to consolidate UK-based Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) manufacturers.

Our mission was to enhance communication and strengthen connections with government bodies, ensuring a coordinated approach to national security threats. Over the years, our focus has broadened significantly in terms of geographical reach and market scope. Today, PSSA is a pivotal global entity encompassing all aspects of high-security perimeter solutions, from hostile vehicle mitigation and advanced fencing solutions to Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) and beyond.

As a not-for-profit organisation, PSSA is dedicated to elevating industry standards and safeguarding ethical practices within the sector. Our members, who are rigorously vetted, adhere to a strict code of conduct that mandates quality, transparency, honesty, and integrity in all business dealings. This commitment is not just about maintaining reputation; it’s about assuring consultants, contractors, and end-users that PSSA members are reliable, their products are high quality, and their business practices are sound.

Hostile vehicle mitigation installers scheme

One of the critical initiatives reinforcing our commitment to best practices is the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Installers Scheme (HVMIS). Introduced as a recent code of conduct, HVMIS sets stringent standards for training, installation processes, and overall professionalism in deploying critical security assets. This scheme, auditable and free for members, also opens its doors to non-members, extending our reach and impact in ensuring industry-wide best practices.

The PSSA takes accountability seriously. Complaints against members are extremely rare, but when they occur, they are investigated thoroughly, with outcomes reported and necessary actions taken. This rigorous approach has been instrumental in promoting a culture of excellence and trust, which is why PSSA membership has increasingly become a pre-requisite in numerous tender specifications globally.

The value of PSSA membership extends beyond compliance and ethical business conduct. We have instituted a comprehensive and ongoing vetting process for new applicants, which includes evaluating financial stability, quality control systems, website transparency, as well as quality and health and safety policies.

This thorough review ensures that only the most credible businesses join our ranks, enhancing the overall quality of offerings available in the market. Our not-for-profit status allows us to focus solely on elevating industry standards rather than expanding membership numbers indiscriminately. Communication and continuous learning form the backbone of our association.

Through initiatives like the Interact Day seminars, regular newsletters, active participation in exhibitions, and robust social media engagement, we facilitate ongoing dialogue among manufacturers, installers, government agencies, academia, and end-users. These platforms encourage collaboration and innovation and enable our members to showcase their achievements and innovations to over 10,000 followers worldwide.


The PSSA also values and promotes international cooperation by welcoming security associations from around the globe as reciprocal members. This inclusivity is crucial as it enhances global security networks and supports the development of our regional chapter structure, making the PSSA a central figure in the ever-changing security landscape. Members of the PSSA take great pride in their affiliation, recognising the association as a representation of quality and excellence in the high-security perimeter market.

Our collective efforts raise the bar for security products and services and contribute significantly to the safety and security of societies worldwide. As we look to the future, the PSSA remains committed to leading from the front, ensuring that our members and their offerings meet the highest security and reliability standards. By adhering to our principles and continuously evolving to meet the challenges of a dynamic global environment, we are setting the standard for security and integrity in the high-security perimeter market.


If you are interested in the future of global security standards – the PSSA is a hub for professionals in the industry, whether you’re a manufacturer, installer, consultant, or a company in need of high-security perimeter solutions. 

The PSSA is dedicated to promoting excellence and integrity within the industry, and you can get involved by applying for membership, attending our Interact Day seminars (next day is 12th June 24), or following us on LinkedIn. Your participation can help elevate safety and effectiveness standards worldwide.

To learn more about our community and how you can contribute, please visit our website pssasecurity.org or contact paul.jeffrey@pssasecurity.org


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