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With the new Martyn’s Law legislation fast approaching, Landowners will be faced with a difficult, mandatory requirement; one that comes with great responsibility.  All venues or areas with the scope to accommodate a certain amount of people will require hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) strategies as part of a bid to increase security.  Once passed, areas of public activity such as amenity spaces, retail parks or arenas will be mandated to implement HVM solutions.  Typical Hostile Vehicle Mitigation systems designed to be safe, compliant, and simple can turn these environments into visual fortresses rather than the calm, relaxing spaces they were designed to be.  With a focus on striking a balance between aesthetics, suitability, and compliance Logic Protect provides specialist HVM consultancy; sharing innovative HVM strategies and implementing systems to assist the development of safe and extraordinary spaces.

The culmination of this vision has been the development of a proven methodology.

1.    Discover 
– Conducting in depth analysis to uncover risks and vulnerabilities.
This initial phase involves a thorough analysis of your premises aimed at uncovering risks and vulnerabilities within your environment. By meticulously examining various factors, we discover the unique challenges your space presents, laying the foundation for moving forward with effective protection solutions.
2.    Design 
– Establishing tailored solutions.  Proven yet customisable. 
Transitioning from discovery, we design specific and bespoke solutions that are both effective and adaptable to your space. Drawing upon proven methodologies, we draft robust strategies that provide you with a reliable blueprint for the prevention of a vehicle-borne attack.
3.    Develop 
– Implementing strategies to enhance safety and aesthetics.
In the final stage, we work together to implement security strategies, prioritizing both protective effectiveness and aesthetics. By integrating innovative technologies and strategic approaches, your space will not only be protected but also enhanced visually. This comprehensive approach enhances both functionality and design, creating a beautiful and secure environment.


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