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Inspectahire - The Visual Surveillance, Security Imaging and Scanning specialists

Inspectahire are the UK's leading visual surveillance, scanning and monitoring specialists. We have led the way in providing the latest and most effective technologies to the security industry, Governments and critical infrastructure for over 35 years.

In an era marked by evolving security threats, Inspectahire stands as a stalwart ally in fortifying defenses against terrorism. With decades of experience and a commitment to innovation, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to mitigate the risks posed by acts of terror.

Our solutions enable and optimise:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Border Security
  • Venue Security
  • Infrastructure Security

So whether you are looking for the latest surveillance technology or need the most effective and easily deployed security scanning devices, Inspectahire will have a solution to most effectively support your needs or assignment.

Sales, Hire and Maintenance
We provide equipment sales, rental and maintenance, so whether your requirement is a permanent installation, or you need specialist equipment to fulfil a shorter-term project we will be able to help.

The Technologies
We provide the latest and most advanced solutions both for hire or purchase, including Backscatter X Ray devices, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Video Probes and Image Enhancement solutions.

Backscatter X Ray Imagers
Offering unparalleled depth and precision, this advanced screening method penetrates through materials, revealing hidden threats such as weapons, explosives, and contraband with unparalleled clarity. By providing detailed images without physical contact, backscatter X-ray technology ensures thorough inspections while optimising operational efficiency. Elevate your security protocols and safeguard against evolving risks with the unparalleled capabilities of backscatter X-ray technology.

We are the exclusive UK distribution partners for Teledyne FLIR manufacturers of world leading Videray Handheld Backscatter X-Ray Imagers and associated technologies including the revolutionary Videray PX Ultra. As the industry’s first 160 KeV X-ray source the PX Ultra enables users to see through 10mm of steel, this is the most powerful and user-friendly handheld X-ray imager on the market to today.

Thermal Imaging 
We offer a range of specialised thermal imaging solutions designed to support a wide range of security functions including:
Intrusion Detection: Our thermal imaging systems are adept at detecting human or animal intruders in various environmental conditions, including low light or adverse weather.
Perimeter Monitoring: Inspectahire provides thermal imaging solutions for monitoring and securing large perimeters, such as borders, industrial sites, or critical infrastructure.
Asset Protection: Thermal imaging technology can be deployed to safeguard valuable assets by detecting unauthorised access or tampering.
Surveillance Enhancement: Enhance surveillance capabilities with thermal imaging cameras that offer clear visibility even in complete darkness, providing continuous monitoring and threat detection.
Alarm Verification: Thermal imaging enables accurate verification of alarms triggered by conventional security systems, reducing false alarms and improving response efficiency.
Patrol and Response: Equip security personnel with handheld or mobile thermal imaging devices for on-the-go patrol and rapid response to security threats.

Ground Based Radar
The Flir Ranger R2  ground-based radar is a high-resolution radar that accurately detects personnel and vehicles at a range of up to 1,400 m. 
It works in virtually any climate, weather, or lighting condition, providing 24/7 security. Additional units — such as a short-range Ranger® R1 — can be networked in an overlapping array to protect larger areas, stitching together an impassable radar area outside and inside your perimeter. Whether securing airports, seaports, borders, critical infrastructure, or for force protection, FLIR radars provide the ideal wide area surveillance solution. Ethernet XML target data in GIS coordinates, as well as wireless and fiber connectivity, ensure simple and powerful connectivity
Video Probes
Our range of video probes enable:
Surveillance Inspection: Our video probe systems offer high-resolution video capture capabilities, enabling detailed inspection of confined spaces, such as ductwork, crawl spaces, or behind walls, to identify potential security breaches or hidden threats.
Intrusion Detection: Deploy our video probe solutions to visually inspect hard-to-reach areas for signs of intrusion, unauthorised access points, or tampering with security equipment.
Covert Surveillance: Our discreet and portable video probe systems enable covert surveillance operations, allowing security professionals to gather intelligence and monitor sensitive areas without detection.

Video and Imaging Enhancement
We have partnered with Lynn who are market leaders in the development and manufacture of imaging enhancement technologies. The Lynn range of Hawk video and image enhancers are portable and run off a 12v DC supply making them ideal for field operations.

The Hawk range employs It is called LYYN (V.E.T) Visibility Enhancement Technology. Visibility is enhanced in real-time in fog, dust, lowlight, snow, smoke, subsea and other suboptimal environments.

The Lynn Hawk range can be used to enhance images and lives video outputs from normal colour cameras, and can also be used in processing saved material.

Expert Training and Support

At Inspectahire, we recognise the importance of equipping security personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate complex security challenges. Our accredited training programs, conducted by seasoned professionals, empower teams to effectively utilise deployed technologies and respond effectively in high-stress situations.

Inspectahire are approved as FLIR ITC training providers, so we can train you staff in the use of IR technology

Learn more about the courses available: 

Security Equipment Showcase - Flir
Inspectahire are the UK Distributor for the world leading Videray handheld Backscatter X-Ray imagers and radar solutions.

More power, better performance
Backscatter X-ray detects radiation that reflects from the target. It has potential applications where less-destructive examination is required and can operate if only one side of the target is available for examination. These devices scan peoples' bodies by creating a detailed outline similar to a chalk drawing or an extremely detailed X-ray image.

The scanners highlight materials that metal detectors and older X-ray machines cannot detect, such as plastic explosives, drugs or non-metallic weapons made of ceramic.

The technology is used to perform quick non-contact appraisal of baggage and articles to detect hidden weapons, tools, liquids, narcotics, currency, and contraband. Backscatter X-rays interact differently depending on the type of material they come into contact with. Each different type of material, organic or non-organic, causes the X-rays to scatter at different intensity levels, providing a high contrast image. Security personnel can use these images to detect suspicious objects under a person's clothing or hidden inside body cavities.

The latest revolutionary technology to hit the market is the Videray PX Ultra. As the industry’s first 160 KeV X-ray source enabling users to see through 10mm of steel, this is the most powerful and user-friendly handheld X-ray imager.

We also provide solutions to larger scale security challenges, working with Teledyne FLIR to strengthen the perimeter security and resilience of their critical infrastructure. For example, in Data centres where clusters house some of the most important resources to enterprises and governments, their perimeters must be protected at all times. Securing these facilities is complex. Data centre clusters are contained within large, remote facilities with expansive perimeters, representing a constant challenge to security. A suite of solutions including optical & thermal cameras as well as integrated radar.

The FLIR Ranger R2 provides the first layer of intrusion detection. This high-resolution radar accurately detects personnel and vehicles at a range of up to 1,400 meters.

Complementing this functionality, FLIR FH-Series ID cameras integrated at the fence line provide a second layer of intrusion detection. These ruggedised, multispectral fixed cameras integrate industry-leading thermal imaging, 4K visible imaging, and FLIR Virtual Barrier convolutional neural network analytics for accurate intruder detection and classification. Inside the fence line, a suite of FLIR devices—including compact, short-range ground radar such as the FLIR Elara R-290, proprietary LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology, or visible pan-tilt (PT) cameras—deliver detailed situational awareness in any condition.

Case Study: Strengthening Security at a High-Risk Facility
Client Profile: A high-security facility, critical to national infrastructure, faced mounting challenges in safeguarding its perimeter against potential threats. 

•    Securing a sprawling perimeter encompassing multiple access points.
•    Identifying and neutralising potential threats, including unauthorised intrusions and perimeter breaches.
•    Enhancing surveillance and monitoring capabilities to ensure comprehensive coverage of the facility.

Solution: Inspectahire collaborated closely with the client to develop a tailored security solution aligned with their operational requirements. The following components were implemented:
1.    Advanced Perimeter Surveillance: Inspectahire supplied high-resolution cameras and ground-based radar strategically positioned along the facility's perimeter. The system provides real-time monitoring and visibility, enabling security personnel to detect and respond swiftly to any suspicious activities.
2.    Intrusion Detection Technologies: Cutting-edge intrusion detection technologies, including radar systems and thermal imaging cameras, were integrated to enhance perimeter security. These systems enable early detection of unauthorized access attempts.
3.    Security Scanning Devices: Handheld Backscatter X-Ray imagers were deployed to conduct thorough and non-invasive inspections of vehicles and personnel entering the facility. 
4.    Training and Support: Inspectahire provided comprehensive training programs to ensure that security personnel were proficient in utilizing the deployed technologies. Training sessions covered operational procedures and threat recognition.


  •  Enhanced Perimeter Security: The deployment of advanced surveillance and detection technologies significantly strengthened the facility's perimeter security.
  •  Improved Threat Detection: The integration of intrusion detection systems and security scanning devices enabled proactive identification and neutralization of potential threats.
  •  Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Streamlined security operations, coupled with comprehensive training, resulted in improved response times and operational efficiency, ensuring optimal security readiness at all times.

Conclusion: Inspectahire successfully addressed the client's security challenges, delivering a robust and resilient security framework tailored to their unique requirements. By leveraging advanced technologies and expert support, the client was empowered to safeguard their critical infrastructure effectively, mitigating risks and ensuring the continuity of operations.

Contact our technical team for all enquiries. Our teams are here to help and ready to provide friendly advice on all aspects of security projects. 


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