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Heald Ltd is a leading manufacturer of hostile vehicle mitigation solutions based in Hornsea, East Yorkshire. Established for over thirty years, Heald has built a solid reputation globally for its innovative, high-quality security products. 

Perimeter protection 
Heald's main focus is on providing high-security solutions to protect people and assets from potential threats. The security experts specialise in creating barriers and bollards that can withstand vehicle attacks and incidents, ensuring safety for important locations like government buildings, military sites, and public areas.

One of Heald's flagship products. Its sliding operation prevents vehicles from crashing into protected areas while providing access to permitted vehicles. It is a robust barrier that can handle high-speed impacts and offers reliable protection for various locations.

The Matador is designed and proven to protect underground utilities during its IWA crash test. During crash testing, not only did the sliding bollard system arrest the test vehicle with a zero penetration rating, it continued to function following the impact with no repairs.

Heald’s Apex Static Bollard provides a flexible shallow mount solution that can easily adapt to various locations due to its modular design. The Apex was tested in an array of 3 bollards, with the vehicle impacting perpendicular to a single bollard to offer maximum protection. The modular design means the bollard line can be extended to provide protection along the full perimeter.

The Synergy product comprises nine fixed bollards on individual base plates bolted together. It is a completely unique product that requires no pinning. The product has been crash-tested with nine interconnected bollards, and the design allows for additional bollards to expand the protected area.

Synergy has been IWA-14 crash tested to halt a 7.2-tonne N3C truck (18-tonner) travelling at 48 kph (30 mph). The product was tested at 30 degrees to demonstrate how a vehicle could impact the bollards on a bridge.

Heald’s Raptor is a patent-protected retractable security bollard, crash-tested to PAS68 and ASTM standards. The Raptor received a zero penetration result following crash testing and operated after impact.

Heald’s Raptor combines the high security of a road blocker with the flexibility of a shallow-mount bollard. The retractable bollard is the most resistant of its type on the market due to its unique design and internal reinforcement, which other bollards simply don’t have.

Innovation and customer satisfaction
At Heald, it's not just about the products. They are committed to empowering clients with reliable security solutions. Your satisfaction is their priority, and they are constantly improving their offerings to meet evolving security needs.

Heald is a trusted name in the security industry, known for its high-quality and effective security solutions. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Heald continues to lead the way in protecting lives and assets from potential threats.

Electromechanical security solutions 
The company is proud to introduce its electromechanical (EM) range, offering the same excellent standards with several benefits. One of the primary advantages of EM over hydraulic systems is the ability to deploy products faster. This is achieved by integrating motors within the product, eliminating the need for additional control units and hydraulic duct installation. Furthermore, Heald's EM range boasts a reduced carbon footprint, consuming, on average, over 60% less electricity than hydraulic systems.

Training and development 
Heald is committed to encouraging knowledge and expertise within the industry. They actively engage in training and development initiatives, often taking on apprentices to develop the next generation of security professionals. Heald believes in providing opportunities for learning and growth, ensuring that their team remains at the forefront of technological advancements and industry best practices.

Women in Manufacturing
Heald is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the manufacturing sector. They champion initiatives to encourage women to pursue manufacturing careers and recognise their valuable contributions to the industry. Notably, Debbie Heald MBE, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Heald Ltd, demonstrates this commitment through her incredible achievements.

In 2022, Debbie was honoured with the prestigious 'Over 100 Hours Award' for her extensive volunteering commitment as part of a national STEM Ambassador Programme. This recognition highlights her dedication to supporting STEM education and inspiring future generations. Debbie's contributions to the STEM community have been consistently acknowledged, demonstrating her passion for promoting diversity and inclusivity within the industry.

As a female business owner and managing director, she advocates for gender equity. In 2017, Debbie's outstanding achievements were further recognised when she was awarded an MBE for her exemplary services to export and for the promotion of STEM careers for women, reflecting her commitment to driving positive change and encouraging a more inclusive industry landscape.

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