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Advanced Perimeter Systems

Advanced Perimeter Systems are a perimeter security manufacturer based in Scotland, established in 1982 by Mr William Campbell. With over 40 years in the perimeter security industry, we offer a range of perimeter intrusion detection systems, which have been designed to defend and detect potential attacks on the perimeter. Including, Electric Fencing, Flexiguard and Microguard.

Our 10,000-volt non-lethal Electro-Fence is both psychologically and physically intimidating, it also has low voltage mode if you own a busy warehouse or yard which means nobody will get a shock, but you will still receive an alarm from any intrusion attempt. Our Electro-Fence can be attached to any existing fence but can also be used as a stand-alone fence. One of our American customers recently said “The electro-fence is gnarly enough to keep people away just by the look of it”

Flexiguard is our vibration-based detection system, an extremely robust and reliable system with automatic environmental control which means it can tell the difference between diverse weather conditions and an intruder trying to breach your perimeter. With early intruder warning and a low false alarm rate, Flexiguard can be deployed almost anywhere with its incredible flexible cable so even in awkward areas.

The Microguard product range is made up of infrared and microwave sensors, suitable for numerous scenarios and can be used in a vast array of environments. This product range has been designed to protect areas in different situations ranging from our MW-200 which covers up to 200 metre zones which is ideal for covering large areas down to our MW-310 which as a 12-metre radius, perfect for entrances or even our infrared based MW-110 which covers an area of 110 meters. They can be mixed and matched for any scenario you need to ensure you can go home at night knowing your premises is properly monitored. They are easy to install and hard to defeat.

We specialise in creating bespoke, integrated solutions as no two perimeters are the same, we thrive on good customer service and carefully design a solution that will address our customers’ requirements.
All Advanced Perimeter Systems products are backwards compatible for future proofing and can also be run fully off solar to help reach your environmental goals.


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