Counter Terror Expo

Counter Terror Expo

The emergence of non-traditional threats to national and private security enterprises ranging from cyber-attacks, protection of high net-worth individuals and assets, to safeguarding sensitive sites, makes Counter Terror Expo 2013 more relevant than ever.

Returning to London Olympia on 24-25 April 2013, it is the largest international event to mitigate threats, protect against terrorist attacks, security threats and understand how current modern‑day risks affect your business.

The internationally acclaimed Counter Terror Expo Conference returns for 2013 with an expanded programme of content. Over 100 high level speakers from across the counter-terror and security spectrum will come together to deliver up-to-date and accurate analysis critical to the safety of assets, personnel and information, across the globe. A strategic two-day conference focusing on global counter terrorism forms the underlying core of the event. Highlighting key strategies against an environment of shifting threats and a backdrop of considerable economic difficulties, this analysis is essential to maintain and secure safe societies and safe businesses.

The conference also includes topics such as protecting our critical national infrastructure, protecting crowded places, cyber security and electronic terrorism, thus ensuring that delegates take away the most comprehensive set of answers and assessments designed to protect digital and physical assets. The 2012 event produced a record attendance – 8,519 members of the global counter terror community came together from across government, police, military, critical national infrastructure, emergency services, border control and transport security. There were significant increases from attendees within the private sector/critical national infrastructure, MOD, training, government, transport security and border control/customs & immigration.

In addition, Counter Terror Expo offers 17 free to attend workshops providing the latest equipment and technology direct from leading manufacturers and suppliers. Available to all visitors, the show floor workshops provide you with insider information crucial to protect against current and future threats, essential to your everyday business. With topics including building and facilities protection, data and intelligence, integrated security solutions, communications, screening and scanning, and surveillance, CCTV, Visitors will participate in an effective and concise programme of live demonstrations and presentations to combat business security and terrorist threats. The event takes place in a secure central London location in order to provide a new closed‑door briefing programme. The programme is heavily supported by leading organisations, representative of the ties with influential community members, paving the way for future sector developments and counter‑terrorism and security strategies.

Featured Zones

Counter Terror Expo 2013 delivers a number of Featured Zones designed to promote and demonstration the best products and solutions available from our exhibitors.

The Armoured & Support Vehicle Zone brings together the suppliers of armoured and support vehicles together, in one dedicated area on the show floor to showcase retro‑fit, up-armouring and upgrade solutions. Armoured vehicles offer crucial protection to the services of homeland security, counter terrorism, police security, force protection and SWAT teams as well as protecting key personnel in more volatile areas of the world.

The zone is aimed specifically at purchasers, fleet operators and end user specificers such as police, military, tactical, special ops and private security, as well as embassies, government personnel and private enterprise looking to protect critical personnel. This area will feature a dedicated Armoured Vehicle Zone within the exhibition hall to exhibit armoured vehicle manufacturers, armouring solution, accessories, retro-fit solutions, up-armouring & upgrade solutions.

Cyber Security Zone
The internet has long been an integral part of our society, from personal to enterprise level businesses; from governmental usage to national and international level operations. It is all pervasive and of fundamental importance to our society today.

Cyber security, therefore, is one of the highest areas of interest within the security market. Its security threats range from the personal to the corporate, and right up to national security, whether through terrorism, crime or industrial espionage.

Cyber terrorism, e-crime and cyber‑crime are now a fact of life, and we have to be prepared, in our security and counter terrorism strategies, to guard against attacks of this nature to protect our access to the internet, our data, key systems and networks.

New for 2013, the Cyber Security Conference and Solutions Zone will focus on strategic analysis of cyber security for homeland security, governments, critical national infrastructure and enterprise level corporations. It will look at cyber security from a strategic level, not the IT management level, and will cover strategic content and solutions for advanced evasion techniques, secure global networks, secure government ICT networks, and secure on-line platforms, amongst others.

IEDD Demonstration Zone
Perhaps the most common and widely used weapons of the terrorist are Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). On the battlefield, in the public transport arena and within the urban environment, the threat from IEDs remains potent. Advanced threat detection methods, threat handling techniques and threat containment solutions, are helping to mitigate the danger inherent in safe IED disposal and enhance the safety of those engaged in this difficult work.

This feature was one of the most popular events for the 2012 show targeted specifically at EOD regiments, police, bomb disposal teams, fire, military and special ops teams. The demo will continue to showcase, live, scenario based IEDD demonstrations, featuring a range of ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) solutions, Hook & Line solutions, and protective suits.

Integrated Security Zone
When it comes to mission-critical security operations within complex environments, single, stand-alone security solutions are simply not enough. Government facilities, critical national infrastructure, military bases, safe city projects and global corporations need to look at multiple, integrated security solutions which can connect up, whether legacy or new, and provide intelligence and data in real time on the current state of play within any given situation.

By co-ordinating data and intelligence over IP networks from multiple systems and security points, organisations, police, armed forces, emergency services, homeland security, intelligence agencies and security personnel can respond faster and better to evolving situations.

The Integrated Security Zone, new for 2013, will bring together some of the leading suppliers of integrated solutions with a full workshop programme to demonstrate: intelligence reporting and analysis, video management systems, video analytics, CCTV, perimeter security, access control, and biometrics, amongst others.

Maritime and energy Security
Security and defence are key challenges for the maritime world at this time of changing global circumstances. Threats from terrorism, piracy and political crises need new solutions and joint actions for the protection of shipping routes, ports, harbours and our supply chain.

For 2013, Counter Terror Expo will contain a new Maritime Security Zone dedicated to the following solutions for combating this increasing risk. Oil & Gas installations and exploration operations are critical in supplying society’s power needs and represent one of the core areas of critical national infrastructure. By their very nature their on‑shore facilities cover wide expanses of land, while their off-shore facilities are, by definition, remote. Both are linked by vulnerable networks of pipelines and support facilities that need to be protected from a multitude of threats including: terrorist attack, sabotage, illegal tapping, and natural disasters.

There is a wide range of facilities involved in this sector, from oilfields and refining base areas, to the headquarters of the operating companies or contractors, to pipelines, seaports, airports and power generating facilities. All of them require unique security solutions in order to protect, not only the assets, but also the people involved in each part of the supply chain.

The Oil & Gas Security Zone at CTX 2013 will cover solutions including: blast protection systems, fire protection & suppression, command & control technology, fibre optic transmission systems, IP based transmission systems for CCTV surveillance, close protection, hostage crisis management, on‑board monitoring (POB), Intrinsically Safe detection and surveillance and access control.

Paying Tribute
The Counter Terror Expo Excellence Awards, to be held on 24 April 2013, will be moving to the exclusive private members Hurlingham Club located on the banks of the River Thames. Recognised throughout the world as one of Britain’s greatest private members’ clubs, it retains its quintessentially English traditions and heritage, while providing modern facilities and services for its members.

This prestigious and secure setting will be ideal for an awards evening celebrating and recognising excellence throughout the counter terrorism industry. The categories will cover both the outstanding products and services from industry manufacturers designed to prevent terrorist attacks and also celebrate and reward security practitioners for their excellent work in counter terrorism protection.

Philip Hunter, event director, commented “We’ve expanded the awards evening to celebrate both manufacturers and security practitioners. The Hurlingham Club is an idyllic and secure setting to add a touch of glamour to the event and produce an evening to remember.”

The Counter Terror Expo Excellence Awards acknowledges the mission‑critical work undertaken by key members of the international counter‑terrorism and security industry.

Join the debate
A wide range of topics will be discussed and debated over the show, including city security, IT security, business continuity, counter terrorism architecture & design and event safety. Brett Lovegrove, chief executive, CSARN, one of our briefing programme partners commented: “The City Security and Resilience Networks (CSARN) is delighted to be in partnership with Clarion Events at Counter Terror Expo 2013. Most professionals in the resilience business recognise Counter Terror Expo as the ‘must attend’ exhibition in the annual calendar if they want to know the latest solutions when addressing counter terrorism threats. CSARN recognises that this will be an important date in the calendar of its members, is proud to support this year’s Counter Terror Expo and looks forward to partnering this world class event.”

The Association of Event Venues meanwhile will once again be holding their security working group meeting at Counter Terror Expo. Lee Holloway, DipOSH MIOM, AEV Technical Adviser, stated: “Our partnership with Counter Terror Expo has delivered great value to the members of AEV Security Working Group. If the feedback from the group, comprising some of the leading venue side security professionals from our industry, is anything to go by CTX hits the mark every year in terms of both the products they want to see and the sector developments showcased in the outstanding seminar content.”

Forensics Europe
Counter Terror Expo is co-located with Forensics Europe Expo 24-25 April 2013, guaranteeing you two productive days to conduct business, source new products, services and solutions, learn new strategies and network with peers in these must-attend events.

With the closure of the Forensic Science Service earlier this year, the supply of forensic analysis and products has evolved into a completely new open market.

Forensics Europe Expo, in partnership with the Investigator and sponsored by LGC Forensics, will fill this void with the premier international event for sourcing forensics products, equipment and services in one dedicated forum. It is uniquely placed to provide the definitive source of education, best practice, training and networking for the entire forensics sector and supply chain.

The inaugural Forensics Europe Expo will bring together the widest range of Forensics suppliers, services and practitioners from across the globe and features a comprehensive conference programme. This high level, two stream Conference will bring together over 50 internationally recognised experts in the field of forensics to cover the latest topics affecting the entire industry. Specifically targeted topics include: re-examining a crime scene to maximise the evidential potential in arson investigations and detecting drugs in fingerprints.

Forensics is the second highest expense for police forces and a major cost for lawyers, government agencies and corporate companies. Only at Forensics Europe Expo will you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of international analysis providers, understand e-discovery and e-intelligence and share experience whilst networking with the largest collection of forensic professionals, in one Central London location.

Digital Forensic investigation in the corporate space is fast becoming an indispensable service with the need to deliver digital investigation solutions and prevent digital attacks is ever more growing. Forensics Europe Expo unites a wealth of private corporations to deliver the latest updates, regulations, legislation and procedures essential to the protection of your digital networks.

Forensics Europe Expo offers a unique tool to source cost-effective solutions in order to drive down every-day business costs and source the widest breadth of new suppliers within Crime Scene Investigations. This free to attend exhibition showcases the latest innovations, solutions and technology aimed at effectively completing the process from solving crime to putting criminals behind bars.

Visitors involved in any type of investigation and court presentation which requires the analysis of evidence, from lawyers, government bodies and agencies through to private organisation and lab  themselves, Forensics Europe Expo offers unrivalled access and perspective to the core issues surrounding your business.

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