£10 million for Taser uplift announced by Home Office

The Home Office is giving police forces £10 million in additional funding to significantly increase the number of officers carrying Taser.

A recent Police Federation of England and Wales survey found 94 per cent of officers think Tasers should be issued to more frontline staff. The ring-fenced funding means that over 10,000 more police officers in England and Wales will potentially be able to carry the devices to help protect themselves and the public from harm.

The number of officers eligible to carry the device was already increased in February this year when the then Home Secretary gave permission for specially-selected student officers to be trained in carrying them. Officers have to elect to be specially-trained to use Taser and it is for Chief Constables to decide how many carry the devices based on strategic assessments of threat and risk in their force areas.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “I’ve been completely appalled by the recent spate of serious assaults on police officers, which is why I’m giving chief constables the resources to dramatically increase the number of their officers who carry tasers. They keep us safe and now I’m giving them what they need to keep themselves safe on the job.”


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