3D cabin baggage screening equipment upgrades

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced plans for all major UK airports to introduce ground-breaking new 3D cabin baggage screening equipment.

The new 3D technology, using the most advanced imaging systems available, will keep people even safer by providing security personnel with better images of cabin baggage. The technology will be rolled out over the next few years, with the Department for Transport requiring all major UK airports to have the technology by December 2022.

In the future this could mean in future passengers may be able to keep liquids and electrical equipment, like laptops, in their cabin baggage while it is screened.

Heathrow Airport is currently trialling the equipment, and is so far proving successful in reducing the amount of time required for security screening.

Whilst the headlines are focused on quicker and more streamlined checks, the Department for Transport insists that security will be heightened as a result of the technology, not hindered.

Johnson said: “We are home to the largest aviation network in Europe, with millions of people passing through our airports every year for work, holidays and family visits. We’re set to streamline those trips with the rollout of this ground-breaking technology – cutting down hassle for travellers and improving security measures. By making journeys through UK airports easier than ever, this new equipment will help boost the vital role our airports play in securing the UK’s position as a global hub for trade, tourism and investment.”


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