Labour could proscribe IRGC

Labour's manifesto includes a pledge for the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to be proscribed as a terror group, reports suggest.

According the Daily Telegraph, they plan to bring in a “bespoke” proscription mechanism to make it easier for “state-based actors” to be formally declared as terror groups.

Earlier this month, Labour’s manifesto highlighted the IRGC as a hostile group, but stopped short of an explicit call for the group’s proscription. 

They said in their manifesto: "From the Skripal poisonings to assassination plots by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, threats from hostile states or state-sponsored groups are on the rise, but Britain lacks a comprehensive framework to protect us.

The party said they "will take the approach used for dealing with non-state terrorism and adapt it to deal with statebased domestic security threats."

If elected, Labour also said they will "update the rules" around counterextremism, including online, to stop people being radicalised and drawn towards hateful ideologies.


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