Wallace meets NATO allies to discuss security challenges

The Defence Secretary has met with NATO counterparts in Brussels to discuss how the alliance can tackle evolving security challenges.

At the final Defence Ministerial before the Leaders’ Meeting in December, the Defence Secretary hosted a discussion with his Ukrainian counterpart and the ‘Quint’ Group; the US, Canada, Lithuania and Poland, as well as holding bilateral meetings with his German, French, Danish, Italian, Swedish, Turkish and Georgian counterparts.

They discussed emerging technologies and non-conventional warfighting and agreed plans to ensure that NATO forces are ready to respond at short notice.

Wallace said: “I am delighted to be attending my first NATO Defence Ministerial. We have discussed a range of important topics, from emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and hypersonic missiles, to the valuable work on security sector reform in Iraq. Battlefield techniques are advancing rapidly, with our adversaries using increasingly varied methods to disrupt the international rules-based order. As an alliance we face complex security challenges, but NATO will continue to play a vital role in keeping the world safe and acting as a force for stability. I look forward to the UK hosting NATO leaders in December, where we will celebrate NATO’s 70th anniversary and discuss how to further strengthen the alliance.”


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