MPs pushing for Russian interference inquiry threaten to sue PM

A cross-party group of MPs are threatening to sue Prime Minister Boris Johnson unless he orders an independent investigation into Russian interference in recent UK elections and the 2016 Brexit referendum.

The MPs say the government’s current refusal to investigate Kremlin meddling is a breach of the European convention on human rights, which enshrines the right to free elections in protocol 1.

Therefore, the group says it will take the Johmson to court if he fails to implement what it describes as essential steps to protect future elections. It has sent him a pre-action letter, to which Downing Street has two weeks to respond.

The government says it has seen no evidence of 'successful' Moscow interference, despite the Intelligence and Security Committee stressing the case in their long-overdue report. The ISC said Johnson and his predecessor Theresa May made no effort to look for evidence of meddling and nor did Britain’s security agencies, with MI5 providing the committee with just five lines of text.

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP for Brighton, said: “Democratic processes are clearly at risk. It seems that the integrity of our elections is being deliberately undermined. Nothing could be more serious for our democracy.

“Ministers’ behaviour to date has been shockingly complacent and negligent. The government cannot be allowed to shirk this because Tory party coffers are topped up with Russian money.”



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