NATO training exercise sees Royal Marines carry out beach raid

A major NATO training exercise has seen around 100 marines from 45 Commando stage an amphibious raid on a beach in Estonia.

The beach raid is part of Exercise Spring Storm, a series of planned scenarios in which the UK Armed Forces are taking part as part of a 14,000-strong deployment from 11 NATO countries.

The exercise saw 45 Commando facing off against Estonia’s Armed Forces, An Estonian naval missile unit acted as the marines’ target.

Commanding Officer of HMS Albion, Captain Marcus Hember, said: "This exercise has been a great proving ground in demonstrating the flexibility of amphibious ships like HMS Albion, enabling fast and lethal strikes by our embedded Royal Marines in 45 Commando whilst seamlessly supported by the ship and its crew.

Two RAF Typhoon fighter jets were also there to provide close air support, information, surveillance and reconnaissance.

"We’ve demonstrated our ability to exercise with our regional partners adding significant capability and shown we can ‘turn up when needed’."

Officer Commanding X Company, Royal Marines, Major Lee Stewart, said: "The support of the crew from HMS ALBION is critical to land operations, the integrated approach with both Royal Navy and Royal Marines working as a team make amphibious warfare so effective."

More than 1,500 UK troops are currently deployed for Spring Storm, Estonia’s largest annual military exercise.

Minister for Defence People, Veterans and Service Families, Dr Andrew Murrison MP said: "Exercise Spring Storm in Estonia is bolstering our ability to work closely with NATO allies on military operations and demonstrating our readiness for rapid deployment across all domains.

"I’m immensely proud to see first-hand the hard work my daughter, those aboard HMS Albion and everyone in our Armed Forces undertakes to keep us safe, at home and abroad."

Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay


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