Plot to kill the Prime Minister suspect found guilty

20-year-old Naa’imur Rahman has been found guilty of seeking to detonate a bomb in the vicinity of Downing Street and assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May. A joint investigation between the Metropolitan Police, MI5 and FBI foiled his attempts, which revolved around causing chaos on Downing Street so that his assassination attempt would be easier. Unbeknown to Rahman, a network of online role-players from the Met Police, MI5 and the FBI were in dialogue with him, intruding him to real-world undercover police officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command. This culminated in his arrest in November 2017. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Haydon, who is the Senior National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism in the UK, said: “Rahman is an extremely dangerous and determined individual. Rahman’s target was the Prime Minister but he had no qualms about killing innocent bystanders in the process of reaching her. In fact, at one point he told a covert counter terrorism officer that even if he could not reach the Prime Minister, he just wanted to strike fear into people. “This case demonstrates the strength of the cooperation between the UK’s intelligence agencies and the FBI. As a result, we were able to disrupt Rahman’s plans and ensure that a terrorist attack was prevented.”


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