Davis suggest post-Brexit terrorist security pact

Brexit Secretary David Davis has said that a new legal pact to guard security links between Britain and the EU should be established.

Speaking in Brussels, Davis said that it was within both parties interests to cooperate closely to help protect citizens and has created proposals for a new treaty to give legal backing to intelligence, law enforcement and criminal justice partnerships after March 2019.

In his statement, Davis said: “Effective international cooperation is absolutely crucial for both the UK and the EU if we are to keep our citizens safe and bring criminals to justice. We already have a deep level of collaboration with the EU on security matters and it is in both our interests to find ways to maintain it. We approach negotiations on our future special partnership with the EU as an opportunity to build on our existing achievements. A new security treaty with the EU would be underpinned by our shared principles, and should make sure our partnership has the agility to respond to the ever-changing threats we face.”



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