MoD spending review could be launched next year

Tory aide Dominic Cummings is reportedly seeking to launch a review of Ministry of Defence spending and strategy next year, amid concerns that the department is wasting billions on misjudged procurement.

Part of a wider revamp of Whitehall operations, the MoD is likely to be under particular scrutiny after Cummings singled out the £6.2 billion decision to build two new aircraft carriers as continuing to ‘squander billions of pounds’. The aircraft is question are the Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales, which sailed into Portsmouth last month for the first time after completing its first sea trials.

Cummings’ view is believed to be shared by Sir Mark Sedwill, the Cabinet Secretary, reflecting a belief that the capability of Britain’s armed services does not reflect the £39 billion a year that is spent on them.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced during the election campaign that the government would undertake a new integrated foreign policy, security and defence review which will extend from the armed forces to the intelligence services, counter terrorism, serious organised crime, diplomacy and development.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said that ‘this will ensure we are making the best use of spending to ensure all our security forces are ahead of hostile powers, terrorists and organised crime’.

A wider comprehensive spending review (CSR) is due in 2020 after a multi-year round was deferred by Chancellor Sajid Javid to allow for the General Election on 12 December.


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