Police warn of lockdown radicalisation threat

Lucy D'Orsi has warned that the coronavirus lockdown may have led more individuals to become radicalised as they spend more time online.

The Deputy Assistant Commissioner said that the impact of the lockdown on the terrorism threat was not yet known, but highlighted that 'the reality is that the threat has not gone away'.

The current UK threat level is 'substantial' meaning an attack is likely. The majority of crowded places have been shut since lockdown began in March.

As lockdown eases, D'Orsi said that she is concerned terrorists will be looking to make an impact.

There are also concerns some of the mechanisms to spot the signs someone has been radicalised will not have been present during the pandemic.

Police have said their own ability to operate has not been affected by lockdown and they have been able to take advantage of the fact that some people under investigation are staying in one place. But they are also aware that people are spending more time online, which carries risks as that has increasingly been a means of radicalisation.


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