Ukrainian security service makes arrests over plot to assassinate Zelensky

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has claimed to have foiled a Russian plot to assassinate Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, along with other high-ranking military and political officials.

Two colonels from the Ukrainian government protection unit have been arrested.

The SSU believes they were part of a network of agents from the FSB, the Russian security service. The network was allegedly supervised by the FSB from Moscow, and it is believed the colonels had leaked classified information to Russia.

The SSU reported that one of the goals of the network was to find people within the militaries close to Zelensky's security who could take him hostage and kill him.

Searches were carried out at the suspects' places of residence and munitions and other evidence of criminal activity were seized.

The accused were arrested on charges on high treason committed under martial law and preparation of a terrorist act.

Vasyl Malyuk head of the SSU said: "Only a limited number of people knew about our special operation, and I personally controlled its course. The terrorist attack, which was supposed to be a gift to Putin's inauguration, was in fact a failure of the Russian special service. But we must not forget that the enemy is strong and experienced, and cannot be underestimated. We will continue to work proactively to ensure that every traitor gets a deserved court sentence."

The suspects have been detained and if found guilty, could face life imprisonment.


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