UK, US and Australian defence ministers meet to strengthen security

The defence ministers of the UK, US and Australia have met in California to advance new programmes on threat detection, quantum technology and autonomous systems.

The Ministers set out how new combined future exercises will improve each nation's ability to work together, enhance capability development, and test the joint operation of uncrewed platforms, improving a shared ability to tackle emerging threats.

UK defence secretary Grant Shapps, Australian deputy prime minister Richard Marles and US secretary of defense Lloyd Austin emphasised the opportunity to meet global security challenges through closer relationships between our Armed Forces, when they met at the the Defense Innovation Unit Headquarters in California.

It was highlighted that all three nations are progressing towards more seamless defence and industrial collaboration, better information and technology sharing, and greater resilience, helping develop joint capabilities to meet threats and deter aggression.

Key progress updates were shared including strengthening cyber capabilities across the three AUKUS partners, including protecting critical communications and operations systems; improving anti-submarine warfare capabilities by being able to jointly process data from each nations’ sonobuoys; and integrating the ability to launch and recover undersea vehicles from torpedo tubes on current submarines to deliver strike, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems

Shapps said: "Today AUKUS enters a new phase. Together with our partners in the US and Australia we have strengthened our alliance to bring our Armed forces closer than ever and ensure our nations are protected from new and advanced threats.

"As the world becomes more dangerous, AUKUS only becomes more important in ensuring the UK and our allies maintain a strategic advantage. That’s why we’ve today driven forward joint programmes on threat detection, quantum technology and autonomous systems.

"This progress will radically improve our shared ability to tackle emerging threats and demonstrates our commitment to making our militaries more lethal, more connected and more prepared."

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay


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