Dstl launches one of its biggest recruitment drives

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory is launching its biggest recruitment drive in recent years, with over 300 roles for physicists, scientists, engineers, technologists and leaders.

The recruitment drive comes as the government pushes its priority on science and technology for defence and security. The Ministry of Defence is investing £6 billion in research and development over the next four years, and includes an additional £1.1 billion specifically for science and technology and pull through activities.

It’s part of the government’s announcement ‘to sustain strategic advantage through S&T’ in the recent Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy.

Around 300 new positions are to be advertised at Dstl throughout June, July and August, with further positions expected in 2022.

Jeremy Quin, Minister for Defence Procurement, said: “Our over £6 billion investment into research and development is central to the evolution of defence and security. This will ensure MOD science and technology programmes upgrade and adapt our forces to meet a range of future threats. The Dstl recruitment campaign paves the way for the next generation of highly-skilled scientists to work on sophisticated projects designing and engineering pioneering military equipment.”



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