Bradford man convicted of terrorism offences

A man from Bradford has been found guilty of nine terrorism offences.

The charges include entering funding arrangements, fundraising and possession of articles for terrorist purposes.

Mohammad Owais Sabir, an insurance clerk, was arrested in September 2021 and again in February 2022 after police investigated his financial transactions.

Conversations and transactions on his devices showed that he was aiming to further the aims of Daesh by teaching the message to others. Sabir also sent money to help free Daesh members and supporters from detention.

Nick Price, Head of the CPS Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division, said: “Sabir willingly provided financial support to a terrorist regime and continually expressed his support and desire to travel in the name of Daesh. There is no place for these extreme and dangerous views in our society, and after a thorough investigation, I am pleased that we were able to prove to the jury that Sabir was guilty of these terrorism offences.”

Investigators also found documents on his devices related to Islam, war and jihad, the contents of which were extreme and contained information that would be useful to a person committing or prepare to commit an act of terrorism, and help them survive in a war zone.

He is due to be sentenced on 2 September.

Image: Pixabay


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