19-year-old jailed for terrorist attack plans

Haider Ahmed has been jailed, after preparing to carry out a knife attack in the UK and helping facilitate a suspected terrorist to move between countries to fight for the ISIS terrorist group.

The 19-year-old form Surrey was jailed for six years at Kingston Crown Court, following an investigation by Counter Terrorism Policing South East (CTPSE).

He had pleaded guilty to six offences, including collecting property for terrorism, distributing Daesh propaganda and assisting a man using the pseudonym Carl Drogo to commit acts of terrorism abroad. He was also found guilty by a majority verdict in March of a further charge of preparing for a terrorist act, after he acquired a hunting knife which he planned to use in an attack.

Detective Chief Superintendent Kath Barnes, Head of CTPSE, said: “It’s clear that Haider Ahmed is a dangerous young man who fully intended on causing harm to innocent members of the public. A prominent presence online, he possessed a significant amount of shocking material promoting the warped ideology of Daesh, and he was instrumental in facilitating online discussions with members of the group through encrypted communication tools.

“I am hugely grateful to the officers and police staff who have worked so very hard on this case; they have ensured that Ahmed was unable to carry out an attack and therefore secured the safety of any potential casualties.”


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