Javid responds to London Bridge inquest

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has responded to the conclusion of the first part of the inquests arising from the deaths in the London Bridge and Borough Market terror attack.

On 28 June, Mark Lucraft QC delivered his conclusions in the inquests into the deaths of the eight people killed in the London Bridge and Borough Market terror attack on 3 June 2017, clearing MI5 and police of failing to prevent the terror attack despite having the ringleader under investigation.

Following the announcement, the families of the London Bridge victims criticised the authorities, insisting that they believed MI5 and police had fallen short in their duties.

Sharing his thoughts, Javid said: “Over the past two months, we’ve heard the deeply moving and harrowing accounts of people caught up in the horrors of that tragic evening. We’ve also heard stories of compassion, bravery and pure courage. My thoughts continue to be with the victims and all those affected and I recognise the pain they must have felt reliving events during the inquests.

“As Home Secretary, it’s my duty to ensure we do everything possible to keep our country safe. Our response to the terrorist threat is constantly evolving and since 2017 we’ve made substantial improvements. These inquests present further opportunities to reflect on our practices and ensure we are best placed to counter the terrorist threat. What’s clear is that in responding to the attack we saw the very best in people – from members of the public to our emergency workers.

“I would also like to pay tribute to the professionalism and tireless dedication of our intelligence and security agencies and counter-terrorism police – who often have to make difficult decisions in extremely complex circumstances. This attack, and the others we have seen in recent years, have only strengthened our resolve to unite against those who seek to use violence to attack our way of life.”


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