Counter Terror Business 56

Online safety and cybersecurity

The headlines at the moment are dominated by the conflict in Israel and Gaza, in which thousands of people have been killed. The majority of the dead are civilians, including a large number of children. At the same time, Muslims and Jews in the UK and around the world are fearing for their safety, with hate crimes against both groups seeing a large increase since the conflict began.

The Online Safety Act has just received Royal Assent - it is hoped the law will reduce the amount of illegal and harmful content online.

October is Cyber Security Awareness month and this issue of Counter Terror Business Magazine includes an article from ISACA on how the public sector can protect itself from cyber threats.

Next month, CTB will be hosting a webinar on the topic - you can sign up here.

This issue of CTB also includes a feature on HVM ahead of the festive season, an article from the PSSA on testing, and a look back at some of the important events from the last year.

Polly Jones, editor


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