Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection, the International Exhibition for perimeter protection, fencing and building security, will be held for the sixth time at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 14 January 2020.

Perimeter Protection is once again set to demonstrate that its clear focus on security for perimeter zones and outdoor areas hits just the right nerve in the sector. Awaiting the trade visitors is an event that will reflect the entire spectrum of mechanical, electrical, and electronic security solutions for perimeter protection.

More than 155 exhibitors (2018: 135) will present the entire range of products and services from fences, fencing systems, gates, gate systems, personnel and vehicle access barriers, electronic alarm systems, exterior lighting and ballistic protected products and systems to tools, machinery and drone detection and defence. How can property be protected against vandalism, theft or industrial espionage? More than 3,600 security officers from the fields of local and long-distance transport, airports, football stadiums, industry, power stations, police, armed forces, architects and planners of building services source information on the latest developments in perimeter protection, fencing systems and building security every two years. A first in 2020 will be a specialist forum with free entry, integrated into the exhibition and providing accumulated expert knowledge on all kinds of security-related topics. The thematic focus for the exhibition will be on the current issue of drone detection and defence. A new partner joining the exhibition this year is the Akademie für Sicherheit (Academy for Security) and its event, the Nuremberg Security Conference.


Alexander Stein, director of Perimeter Protection at NürnbergMesse, can offer a very positive outlook: “The numbers are putting us in a good frame of mind. We have long overtaken the amount of exhibition space used last year, visitors can look forward to more than 54 new exhibitors, and international registrants already account for more than 45 per cent of the companies that have registered. That confirms once again that our strategy is just right for the European market.”

Something that is only of tangential interest at other exhibitions is a key focus in Nuremberg: the fact that Perimeter Protection is the only exhibition to focus on the security of perimeter zones and outdoor areas, and presents the combination of mechanical, electrical and electronic security technology more comprehensively than any other event creates many advantages.

Stein continues: “Of particular relevance is the intensive, personal contact both between ourselves as organisers and the industry, and between the experts and decision-makers. By clearly focusing the exhibition in this way, we ensure a high level of quality and avoid missing any of our targets. In 2018, for example, 91 per cent of the trade visitors were directly involved in the decision-making processes within their companies. For an exhibition, that represents huge value. We know exactly what moves the industry and can home in on the latest topics of interest, thanks also to our honorary sponsor, of course, the Gütegemeinschaft Metallzauntechnik (Metal Fence Technology Association), and our partner, the Verband für Sicherheitstechnik (Association for Security Technology, VfS).”


One of these special topics is the monitoring and securing of air space against unmanned flying objects. In response to the massive growth in drones and their range of abilities, the field of drone detection and defence has been selected as the thematic focus for Perimeter Protection 2020, offering comprehensive information on recognising, identifying and defending against drones. There’s no doubt that reliable perimeter protection begins with solid fencing systems, adequate video surveillance as well as door and gate technologies.

In the light of current threat scenarios, it is no longer enough to simply secure the grounds as such using active and passive systems. There’s an almost immeasurable threat emanating from the air above us, because unmanned flying objects that are barely visible to the naked eye, or are only spotted when it’s too late, can approach the grounds that need to be protected. This is why Perimeteren Protection will be presenting the latest developments in drone defence. Due to the increasing urgency of this issue, our focus topic in 2020 will be: Systems for UAV detection, elimination and deflection as well as accessories. Get to know the wide range of systems available, compare the products with your needs and find the best solutions to meet your customers’ requirements.


Established in collaboration with VfS, the new specialist forum at Perimeter Protection 2020, integrated into the main exhibition, will offer even more expert knowledge in condensed form in a single location. The conjunction with VfS ensures that the presentations cover topical issues and put the spotlight on innovative approaches and novel solutions. The specialist forum will provide an opportunity to discuss topics of current interest, innovative approaches and novel solutions in the areas of perimeter protection, fencing and building security with prominent industry experts on all three days of the exhibition.

The programme ranges from process optimisation through the use of perimeter systems to demands on access protection and access barriers, innovations involving drones, detection systems, remote servicing and integrated security solutions. On the first two days of the exhibition from 10:00-14:00 the forum will be staged exclusively by VfS. On the third day, and from 14:00 on the other two days, exhibitors or associations/institutions will be able to present their offerings to the exhibition audience.


Making the best use of synergy effects: the third Nuremberg Security Conference, organised by the Academy for Security, will take place on 15 January 2020 to coincide with Perimeter Protection. The event will feature top-level speakers on the latest themes in the area of security and an accompanying exhibition.

The Perimeter Protection website offers all the information and tools you need to prepare for your visit to the trade fair. In addition to the exhibitor and product database in which you can filter by product groups or innovations you will also find further information on the thematic focus, the specialist forum and the security conference. Exhibitors can easily register online and be a part of Perimeter Protection 2020.

Jan 14, 2020 to Jan 16, 2020
Nuremberg, Germany


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