Behavioural Analysis Conference

A two-day conference exploring how hostile or criminal intent can be identified through the observation of behavioural indicators and the use of tactical risk analysis and non-racial profiling techniques.

Green Light is delighted to announce the 3rd edition of the Behavioural Analysis conference. Following its launch in Cardiff in 2018, and an exciting 2nd edition in 2019 at Mall of America, Minneapolis, the conference will be landing in London in October 2020 and will take place at the Royal Air Force Museum.

The threat to sporting, music and other large-scale entertainment venues, transportation networks, retail parks, hotels, museums, tourist attractions and crowded spaces is becoming increasingly complex and diverse. Accordingly, the security industry needs to evolve to protect itself from terrorist, criminal and other forms of attack and those working in the industry must acquire the necessary skill sets to detect the subtle signs of negative intent and learn how to deal with the threat accordingly.

In line with previous events, the third edition of the conference will deliver practical insights into the behavioural analysis techniques used to identify individuals with negative intent. The conference will allow delegates to develop their knowledge of behavioural analysis by hearing presentations from the leading experts in the security industry.

After taking place at the Welsh national rugby stadium (the Principality Stadium) in 2018 and the largest retail and entertainment complex in the United States (Mall of America®) in 2019, Behavioural Analysis 2020 will take place in London at the Royal Air Force Museum. This venue offers an exciting backdrop for diverse and engaging presentations, extensive networking opportunities, and exhibition space for innovative and forward-thinking companies to display their solutions and products in a unique setting. The conference will allow delegates to develop their knowledge of behavioural analysis by hearing presentations from the leading experts in the security industry.

Below are some of the benefits of attending this conference:

  • Gain a fundamental understanding about behavioural detection techniques from leading experts in the security industry
  • Receive an in-depth update on the latest technologies that can help identify individuals with negative intent
  • Learn how the practice of behavioural detection can be applied across different industries
  • Improve the communication and questioning skills of your staff
  • See how approaches proven to be successful in mitigating acts of petty crime and/or deviant behaviour can also serve counter-terrorist operations
  • Develop strategies for the identification of insider threats
  • Improve the security of your organisation, while also protecting it more cost-effectively

Topics at the 2020 conference will include:

  • Academic research supporting the use of behavioural detection
  • Approaching and questioning suspicious individuals
  • Technology facilitating behavioural analysis
  • Suicide bomber intervention
  • Identifying and addressing mental health concerns
  • Cross-cultural and religious considerations
  • Insider/Internal threat identification
  • Sexually deviant behaviour
  • Training behavioural analysts
  • Non-racial profiling techniques
  • Physiological Stress Indicators
  • Case studies

Behavioural Analysis 2020 is a must-attend event for those responsible for the security of sports stadia, airports, transportation networks, hotels, entertainment venues, museums and galleries, tourist attractions, outdoor festivals & events, shopping centres, casinos, places of worship and governmental institutions.

Behavioural Analysis 2020 will provide a unique opportunity for extensive networking and for vendors to present to end-users behavioural analysis solutions based on manpower, training and/or emerging/mature technologies. If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the event, please click here.

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Conference Programme

Day One: Tuesday 6th October 2020

Morning Session

Keynote: Behavioural Analysis: a military perspective

Session Theme: Behavioural Analysis in the Spotlight

Academic Paper 1:  Non-Verbal Behaviour: a scientific panorama

Academic Paper 2: Does Pinocchio’s Nose Actually Exist?: distilling myth from fact in the area of deception detection

Session Theme: Industry Experience

Behavioural Analysis at the Coalface

Operational Angle 1: Government Facility

Operational Angle 2: Casino

Operational Angle 3: Festival & Events Industry

Session Theme: Unpredictability & Differentiation

Operational Angle 4:  Towards Unpredictability in Airport Screening: should we all be treated the same?

Academic Paper 3: The Halo Effect: good looking people and women are innocent!

Session Theme: Questioning Behavioural Analysis

Question Time

Session Theme: Suicidal Terrorism

Academic Paper 4: Inside the Mind of a Suicide Bomber

Security Perspective 1: Suicide Bomber Intervention: when time is not on your side

Case Study


Day Two: Wednesday 7th October 2020

Morning Session

Session Theme: Technology to the Rescue

Operational Angle 5: Automating Behavioural Analysis: using technology to decrease risk in crowded places

Product Showcase:  It’s the Way That S/He Walks, Talks and Moves

Academic Paper 5: Assessing Behaviour in Written Communication

Session Theme: Insider Threat Detection

Security Perspective 2: Holistic Insider Threat Management

Academic Paper 6: Linguistic Indicators of Insider Deception 

Operational Angle 6

Afternoon Session:

Keynote 2: Greenland’s Security Dilemmas

Session Theme: Mental Health in the Crosshairs

Academic Paper 7: Jumpers: identifying those with suicidal intent

Security Perspective 3: Stalkers: behavioural indicators of the fixated

Operational Angle 7: Upskirting: non-consensual lingerie models

Session Theme: Training & Operational Mindset

Operational Angle 8: Policing & Security Operative Psychology: training to detect

Security Perspective 4: Human profiling: an intelligence-based profiling technique

Security Perspective 5: Teaching Security Interviewing 

Session Theme: Concluding Thoughts

Conference Takeaways: what is going to change on Monday morning?

Behavioural Analysis 2020 is brought to you by Green Light Limited www.avsec.com

Oct 06, 2020 to Oct 07, 2020
Royal Air Force Museum, London


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